First Cable Car in the South East

The first cable car system of the Southeast, which was built by Şahinbey Municipality in Gaziantep and has a total error of 904 meters, was put into service.
The ropeway system built within Şahinbey Park was projected within a year. In a short time the single line going length of the tendered and completed system is 952 meters. In total, the ropeway system, which has an error of one thousand 94 meters in round-trip, is moving rapidly at 4 meters per second. The 20 cabins are equipped with 8 cabinets and can accommodate up to a thousand people per hour. The height of the ropeway system is 35 at most.

The opening ceremony of this first cable car system in the Southeast was magnificent. Speaking at the program that started with the folk dance show, Şahinbey Mayor Mehmet Tahmazoğlu stated that Gaziantep has become the center of the east and the Southeast and stated that the city has undertaken many works on the way to reach its goal of becoming a more livable city. In the industrial field branding the leading cities in recent years it is notable for the investments made in the field of tourism a point has been reached that expresses Tahmazoğlu, "Gaziantep, on the one hand, while struggling with crooked urbanization, Turkey with one hand, modern face and is on track to be an example to the world." said.

Hüseyin Çelik, the AK Party Deputy Chairman, congratulated Tahmazoğlu for offering 2 parks to the service of Gazianteplers in 160 years. Stating that he got on the cable car last week and that the park is a very well designed place, Çelik said, “I am sure that the Gaziantepers will breathe easily with the pressure of the heat. Our park is a serious need regardless of the aspect. This need has also been met. Unfortunately, the buildings outside of the center in Şahinbey and Şehitkamil are the places that witnessed crooked urbanization. We set a target in the coming period. Our municipalities will cooperate with TOKİ to ensure that no citizens are lost in rights, and that our people live in decent homes with green areas and plenty of social facilities. TOKİ has produced about 10 thousand houses until today. We will speed it up in the next period. If our citizens also support, we can eliminate this structuring. We can enjoy the green areas of the parks. ”
He spoke in the form of.
Gaziantep Governor Süleyman Kamçı wished that the ropeway system would be beneficial and said, “Gaziantep has made a great progress in the field of tourism, health and social activities in parallel with the development in the industry. The contribution of metropolitan and district municipalities is great in all these services and breakthroughs. Our municipalities meet the need and get appreciation with their work in the social and cultural area. ” used expressions. After the speeches, the ropeway system was opened.

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