Trabzon Uzungöl Turkey will be the longest cable car

Trabzon Uzungöl Turkey will be the longest cable car: Uzungöl, 14 kilometers in length, 700 people per hour will be able to carry the cable car.
A cable car with a capacity of 14 kilometers, capable of carrying 700 people per hour, will be constructed in Uzungöl, one of the most important tourism centers of the region, in the Çaykara district of Trabzon.

Uzungöl Municipality Mayor Abdullah Aygün said in a statement that Uzungöl has a special importance in the tourism movement in the region and they have started a series of works to complete the deficiencies of the town.

Expressing that the number of domestic and foreign tourists decreased in the winter months, Aygün said, “Most people have an idea that Uzungöl is closed in the winter months. However, we wanted to create awareness and create a reason for Uzungöl to be active in winter as well as in summer. The most important of them in our ropeway project. ” said.

Explaining that they are planning to build a cable car between Uzungöl and Garester Plateau for this purpose, Aygün said that they have come to the stage of realizing this project as a result of long efforts. The total cost of the project is 20 million euros. The cable car, which will consist of a double cabin and carry 2011 people per hour, will cover the distance of 1.5 kilometers in 12 minutes and 700 seconds. Those who will see the unique nature of our town better than the cable car will be amazed once again. ”


Expressing that with the completion of the project, they anticipate that 1 million local and foreign tourists will visit Uzungöl annually. It is of special importance that tourists move from Uzungöl to Garester Plateau by cable car. Because this plateau is very different and has a fascinating beauty. ” he spoke.

Stating that a team of experts from France has been investigating the ground of Garestar Plateau, Aygün said: “We have made a second project to improve tourism in Garester Plateau. For this reason, a team of experts came from France two weeks ago. As a result, we learned that international organizations can be held in a sporty sense with a few arrangements.

Garester Plateau has an advantageous position in heliski tourism which is popular in the region in recent years. With the realization of these, we expect a change in the customer profile. Aygün also stated that the retaining wall, which was made around Uzungöl some time ago and caused reactions to the public, was destroyed and then they started a series of works.

Emphasizing that the forestation work carried out on the shore of the lake adds a different beauty to Uzungöl, Aygün said, “Thus, we camouflaged the section with the destroyed wall and opened this section, which we equipped with sitting groups, as a park. This destruction will be further corrected in the coming days. ” he spoke.