Van - Gevaş Chairlift Facility Opened

Van - Gevaş Chairlift Facility Opened: The new address for those who want to ski in the magnificent view of Van Lake, Van-Gevaş. STM Sistem Teleferik A.Ş. The chairlift facility, which was built by the company, was put into service as of the 2011 ski season. With the extra comfort provided to a two-person chair and the new drive station design, the chairlift facility will serve all its customers with the highest security level and the operator with the lowest maintenance and operating costs.

Horizontal Line Length - 1228 meters

Difference in Height - 460 meters

Rope Tension Type - Hydraulic

Number of Chairs - 128

Speed ​​- 0-2,3 m / s (adjustable)

Capacity - 800 people / hour

Motor power - 175 kW

Rope diameter - 36 mm



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