Dimetronic Company presents Rail System Solutions at EurAsia Rail 2011

Dimetronic Company presents Rail System Solutions at EurAsia Rail 2011
Dimetronic Company Presented Rail System Solutions at EurAsia Rail 2011 Fair. Company officials made a successful presentation about their companies at the EurAsia Rail 2011 Fair held in Ankara.

Invensys Rail Dimetronic, 50 announces its name as a leading signaling company in Spain and Portugal with years of experience and state-of-the-art integrated traffic safety, control and railway signaling applications.

Where the headquarters are in addition to the city of Madrid, Asturias, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Zaragoza, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Venezuela and located in Brazil Invensys Rail Dimetronic with local offices, operates in a large area of ​​the world.

Sales reached 2009 million in the 2010-70 period, with a professional employee of 800 where 298 was a university graduate.

The activities are focused on design, manufacturing, procurement, installation, commissioning, maintenance of control equipment and the creation of signaling systems so that customers can safely and efficiently manage railway traffic.

Invensys Rail Dimetronic is one of the most important signaling companies in the world with other companies including Invensys Rail. Invensys Rail Dimetronic has a reputation that cannot be ignored by its ability to offer advanced level technology, support by the experience of security facilities in different countries and continents, and adapt to any situation complex and complex.

In addition to the railway signaling works, agreements may also include complementary issues such as Communication, Energy, Information and Station Management for Passengers.

The main employee of Invensys Rail Dimetronic is its university graduates, focusing on engineering, R & D and application. This makes the company ahead of other organizations in terms of railway signaling technology.

Quality control is a basic element for the Invensys Rail Dimetronic. The company's ISO 9001 certification, being awarded by AENOR and having the ISO 14001 Environmental Certificate, is the return of the importance it has shown to the quality control element. Since its inception, Invensys Rail Dimetronic has been in a constant development in relation to its domestic market and overseas operations.

Invensys Rail Dimetronic's experience in Turkey:

Invensys Rail Dimetronic entered the Turkish rail market at 1300 after the work on the supply and installation of FUTUR 2008 Level ERTMS and Signaling systems in Ankara-Konya High Speed ​​Line.

January 2010 company TCDD again, the same High Speed ​​Line to Konya FUTUR the establishment of 2500 2 ERTMS Level system is given the job, it will be the first installation of a Level 2 system in Turkey.

2011 Republic of Turkey Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in August, 250 km / h was quickly realized that the one and a half hours of travel time and download the route inaugurated in Ankara between the Konya 212 km long.

In November 2011, Invensys Rail Dimetronic is the only line in the world to be equipped with both ERTMS and CBTC systems. Halkalı Commuter Line railway signaling and control technologies to provide the Republic of Turkey Railways, Ports and Airports (DLH) has been selected by the General Directorate of Construction.

January 2012, the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Enterprises General Directorate, the Turkish railway network Bandirma Balıkesir, Manisa and signaling for Menemen line cutting, design of Automatic Train Protection and telecommunication systems, supply, installation, procurement of Invensys Rail to be tested and businesses He gave it to Dimetronic.

Invensys Rail Dimetronic has offices in Ankara and Istanbul and employs the most advanced railway control and signaling technologies for Turkish railway infrastructures, with highly qualified professionals (depending on the phase of the project) close to 100.

Please click here for the presentation of Dimetronic in EurAsia Rail 2011: 11 03 02 Eurasia_Conf_OCC



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