Turkish mechanics who were quickly trained in the course opened by Colonel Behiç Bey

In front of us, Adana-Konya-Afyon-Kütahya-Eskişehir-Ankara railway provides great convenience for transportation and replenishment works. This is a big fortune for us. But we also have serious problems.

The number of locomotives is insufficient, we only have 18 locomotives working. We need 23 more locomotives, but we have no chance of obtaining it. Repair of broken ones takes too long as there are no spare parts. No coal, we use wood. Find wood ingenuity. The wagons are old. Most of the machinists and dispatchers are Greeks or Armenians. They only work at gunpoint or for a lot of money. One day, we entrusted our railways to blind foreigners, without ever thinking about what this blindness might cost, and they did not raise even a single Turk. These are vital lessons that should never be forgotten! Now, in the course opened by the General Director of Railways Colonel Behiç Bey, there is an effort to train Turkish drivers and officers in a hurry. Long story short, transporting troops by rail is also problematic.

Source: The Crazy Turks, p. 161-163



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