Ar-Gü received the 20 90 foot platform wagon.

Arkas's Ar-Gü, a railway company, is able to carry two new 20 custom-made platform wagons and two 45 feet containers simultaneously.

Turkey's first private railway company in one of the R & D, at the same time added to the fleet of wagons that can carry two 45-foot container platform cars. With the addition of the preferred 90 feet platform wagons in Europe, the fleet of Ar-Gü reached the total 520 wagon. Ar-Gü, taking the first 10 of the wagons, uses these special type wagons in the freight transportation between Kayseri and Mersin. With the 20 90 foot platform wagon, Ar-Gü, with this investment, reduces the costs of its customers and provides a faster service in railway transportation. In 2010, Ar-Gü focused on mine and coal project transports and carried its own wagons and equipment with a thousand tons of cargo.

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