It is possible to carry out international freight transport directly by the following border crossings by rail.

- Kapıkule border connection to Bulgaria and other European countries via Bulgaria,

-Uzunköprü, to Greece and the countries beyond Greece, -

-Kapıköy border connection to Iran and Central Asian countries in Iranian provinces,

- With the border connection to İslahiye to Syria and Iraq via Syria,

- With the Nusaybin border connection, again to Syria and to Iraq via Syria.

Various transport projects are developed and implemented in order to compete with other modes of transport and to take its share of the age it deserves as an alternative transportation system.

Railway Transportation by European Countries;

Our country and Republika Srpska, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Macedonia, Britain, Spain, Yugoslavia, Greece, Sweden, Norway, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Freight transport by rail is possible between France, Belgium and the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our country and the European countries in rail transport, the Kapitan Andreevo border station between Turkey and Bulgaria, Pityo between Turkey and Greece (according to Uzunköprü) also over the border station of the agreement signed between Railways Romania with our organization, is provided by Derince port with our Romania's Constanta port by ferry line formed in between .

Block Container Train Operation;
In this context, using container from European countries and Turkey with the transportation and block train operation, whereby the handling time and carrying out door to door transport by rail freight are carried out in the competition is created.

The organization of these block container transports in European traffic is carried out by the ICF (Intarcontainer - Interfrigo) Company and other companies in which it is a partner.

Middle East Railway Transport;
Freight transportation is carried out by rail from our country to Iran, Syria and Iraq. It is possible to move all kinds of goods from these countries to Iraq.

Our country with Kapıköy border station between transportation Turkey -Hugely made to Middle Eastern countries, Syria-Meydanekbez between Turkey (İslahiye), Nusaybin border stations, Iraq and Turkey in passing in transit through Syria Nusaybin Border Station is provided.

Transport of CIS Countries;

Freight transportation by rail from our country to the CIS countries and from the CIS countries to the country is provided in three ways. Since there is no tariff union between our country and the CIS countries, a forwarder must be used by shippers in Romania, Bulgaria or Iran.

Transportation by 1-Iran;
Due to the difference of railway lines of our country and the CIS countries, the axles of the wagons need to be changed or the wagons to be transferred at the Saraks station located on the border between Iran and Turkmenistan. If TCDD wagons are used for transports from our country to the CIS countries, TCDD wagons are obliged to be transferred to the CIS wagons at the Saraks station.

Shippers who want to load from CIS wagons from Van should apply to the Cargo Department in writing at least 7 days before the loading day. The application example is shown below.

Due to the large size of CIS wagons, the CIS wagons used in the transport from CIS countries to our country can only come to the Van station.


To be used for transportation to be made by our company from Van Station to CIS Countries…. We request the introduction of the CIS wagons of each type. We accept and declare that the receivables of all your Organization will be paid by our Company if the wagons to be brought are not loaded.

Name of Company Officer Surname Signature

Company Stamp


Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) under the umbrella of the South Eurasian countries on the corridor railway administration (Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan) in partnership with the studies carried out as a result Istanbul (Haydarpasa) -Tahr the-Tashkent-Almaty (Kazakhstan) and Istanbul (Haydarpaşa) -Turkmenistan container train services were started.

Istanbul (Haydarpaşa) -Tahran-Tashkent-Almaty (Kazakhstan) container train every market,

Istanbul (Haydarpaşa) -Turkmenistan container train departs from Haydarpaşa every Monday at 03:05.



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