Marmaray Excavations - Cultural Heritage Uncovered

marmaray excavations
marmaray excavations

📩 26/04/2019 23:17

With the Marmaray Project, Port and many historical monuments belonging to ancient times were found around the New Gate. Although this situation delayed the project, it was an example of how much the historical depth of Istanbul is.

Numerous historical artifacts uncovered in the Marmaray Project are uninterruptedly dated from the Ottoman to the Neolithic. The works are currently on display temporarily at the Istanbul Archeology Museum. The Ministry also plans to make two new museums for the permanent exhibition of the works. The museum to be built at the Marmaray transfer station in Yeni Kapı and the restoration to be made at the Mint will be able to exhibit works permanently. The ministry officials commented that yap Silk Road is the most efficient and largest archaeological work in the world, as well as a major transportation project that opens the door of an era where the strategic route has reached its first plan bir

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