Walking carpet system for skiers

Walking carpet system for skiers

Erciyes Winter Sports Center, which was put into practice by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, is being built on new investments in the ski resort. The facility, which was built by a company and called a walking carpet system, began to serve.
Especially preferred by sledges and beginner skiers, the facility carries the skier and sledgers 200 meters up the escalator system. One-time 1 lira used in exchange for the facility's 12 usage fee 5 lira.
For holidaymakers who want to enjoy the snow in the clean mountain air, the slides are rented for 10 pounds and the ski equipment is rented out of the daily 20.
Attracting the attention of skiers especially on weekends, Erciyes welcomes daily visitors as well as holidaymakers. Citizens, who evaluate the spring weather, are both having fun and resting by breathing clean mountain air in Erciyes.

Source : www.starkibris.net



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