Turkey's Liberation in Combined Transport

Ibrahim Oz
Ibrahim Oz

Ibrahim Öz, Chairman of the Board of Railway Carriers Association (DTD), who argued that companies providing logistics services should switch to 'combined transportation system' covering all modes of transport, said that competition with the world would be possible with this system.

In the rail freight transport in Turkey, that the share between transport modes remain weak highlights Oz, "in the mode share between transport modes such as Europe got to be close to each other. Unfortunately, at the moment the share of road transport in Turkey 91 percent. In Europe, this figure is at 55-60. 20 percent of sea and rail at 20 percent. We also we need this mode to zoom in Turkey. There must be modes that support each other, not competitors. This is our foundation as an association da.

Saying that Turkey has a lot of gaps in railway education, Öz said, "There is logistics education in universities, but there is no curriculum explaining railways apart from Anadolu University. In order to close this gap, we, as an association, focused on railway education.” Öz noted the following about the activities of the association on the subject of education: “We held talks with UND and UTIKAD on railway education. As you know, UND's members are road transport companies. However, according to the new trend, there are companies that have established and want to establish a railway department. We are already advocating this. We say that if the company is a logistics company, it should build the seaway or the railway. In other words, let him make the system called combined transportation. Because the salvation of Turkey is in this system. Yaşar Rota, the general manager of our association, who has 35 years of experience in TCDD and is a lecturer at Anadolu University, has prepared a training program for this. Even if they are not using it now, we wanted them to receive training to use the railway in the future. In addition, as an association, we started to come together with universities. We will meet often from now on. We will contribute to universities regarding the railway curriculum.

Ibrahim Oz Zuhal Mansfield Country Issue Program
Ibrahim Oz Zuhal Mansfield Country Issue Program

We are ready to do everything so that the railway will develop in Turkey. UND opened training halls for us. The seminars will start next year. Someone has to fill this need for railroad education. The owners of the companies working with these trainings will both see the railway and see which wagons can be transported. As a result, if a logistics chain, if a cooperation is to be established, a combined transportation will emerge, it is very natural that people who know the road, rail and seaway can create that chain. We want to complete the missing railway in this chain. You can't compete knowing a single mode. Otherwise, maybe you will get the goods cheaper. For this reason, we want to provide education based on this purpose. We think that Turkey also needs this very much.

Members of the association, who have been trying to make their voices heard at every opportunity about liberalization in railway freight transportation since the day it was founded, are waiting for the 'liberation law' for investments. Saying that the biggest problem in railway transportation is not taking the necessary steps for liberalization, Öz said, “The liberalization law was postponed to 2011. We do not expect any developments in this regard before the elections. However, if the law is passed, the railway will be completely opened," he said. Emphasizing the importance of enacting the law in order to achieve the 2023 targets, Öz said: “As an association, we argue that liberalization and privatization in railways is a must. The best example for this is THY. We say, let us do the liberalization you did there.

Let TCDD be an operator like State Airports

We want the same thing to happen in TCDD. Let the private sector be liberalized. Let him invest. Enter the auctions. The state cannot stand up and invest 100-150 billion dollars in state railways. But the private sector can do it. TCDD will get faster and cheaper service. Ultimately, this will affect everyone. As an association, we have proven the importance of this. As an association, we currently have 1500 wagons. We carry 30 percent of the freight transported by rail in Turkey. TCDD has 17 thousand wagons. We showed that the private sector does this job better than TCDD. Because this is the characteristic of the private sector. Higher tracking power. It does not work with the logic of a civil servant. As logistics companies, we follow our business 24 hours a day. But since TCDD is a monopoly, it does not see anyone as a competitor. Worst of all, no one cares. While a wagon should normally carry 200 tons per month, it carries 100-200 tons, but no one can hold accountability because this wagon is not well run. It is public after all. Since we do not have a law in our hands, we cannot ask anyone a question, we cannot claim rights, we cannot hold them accountable. But when the law is enacted, there will be a standard and everyone will have the will to comply with that standard. This will also apply to TCDD. For this reason, we, as an association, demand that the railway law be enacted, TCDD A.Ş, all companies engaged in railway logistics in Turkey under equal conditions under the same conditions and an equal competitive environment should be created.”

In order to compete with the world, Öz said that trade routes should be developed. He also touched upon the importance of Marmaray project at this point. Here 21 can run 21 freight train including 42 arrival, going. Transportation Minister Binali Yildirim and Chinese Railway Minister Liu Zhijun agreed between the "Railway Cooperation Agreement" between the prime ministers of the two countries 8 the signing in October shows the importance of Turkey in the global market. China, 'Kars-Tbilisi-Let's be the continuation of Baku line' he says. Because the world has become a global market. They are looking for a more suitable place. They are looking for routes they can reach more quickly. Daha

Being aware of the developments in the railway in Turkey, indicating the longer of interest to the Turkish market of European countries Self, then the Germans and Italians in the British railway delegation came to Turkey, he said. Oz, "the British are seeking partners in Turkey for rail infrastructure. These are the railway construction infrastructure companies. In order to enter into contracts wherein they need to find partners in Turkey. They made presentations here and in Ankara. This is a nice improvement, a country like Britain to come to Turkey and yes I'm also looking for partners, "he said.

In recent weeks, Akport and Mersin ports and Kınay Group, such as the new members by joining the association with the number of members expressed 37 Oz, said they aim to go to the end of the year 50 members. Noting that the number of members suddenly increased, Öz explained the reasons for this: kayd The new management makes the work of the new members very intense. We visit railway logistics companies one by one. And we invite you to join. When we explain to them what we do and our goals, they are very much affected. The majority are making decisions to become members. We also prepared a presentation file, and contains our goals and objectives we share it with Turkey's 200 great organization. "

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