Gaziantep rail system counting for days

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Asım Güzelbey stated that the construction, signaling, electrophication and wagon works related to the 11-kilometer first stage of the Light Rail System Project have been completed and that trial runs were made with 9 wagons.

Stating that they were a little late in transporting passengers with the rail system, Güzelbey said, "Our project was delayed, the delay was due to bureaucratic difficulties and our effort to do the best for our city."

Güzelbey pointed out that the tender they made for the construction of the warehouses within the scope of the project was concluded late due to the objection of the second company to the Public Procurement Authority (KİK), Güzelbey gave the following information:

"Turkey is a state of law, we respect the law. We welcome the objection of the firm to the GCC within the framework of the law, with respect and understanding. We believe that the JCC is doing its job seriously. However, the objection of the company, which came second in the tender, to the GCC, put us 3-4 months back from doing our job. However, the JCC concluded the tender, found the objection unjustified, and expelled the objector company due to missing documents. As a result, the JCC confirmed the accuracy of the tender we made, but this took our time for 4 months.

But there is a saying 'late or not difficult', we have started to do our job again, albeit delayed, and the construction of our warehouses is about to be completed. We were also late in the construction of the stops. This was due to the fact that we had the stops built using the build-operate-transfer model against advertising. Currently, the construction of the stops is in progress, they will be completed and delivered to us by 15 January 2011. ”


Asım Güzelbey emphasized that they have made some changes in the Light Rail System Project and that these changes have a share in the delay regarding the project and said, "For example, we decided to lay grass on the rails."

Güzelbey, who stated that they have done the tender for the laying of lawns on the rails and that a firm operating in the regions won the tender and started to work, said:

“Laying grass on the rails was not among the work that was originally foreseen. We believe that our germination work, which we added to the project later, will have a positive effect on the urban aesthetics and will make our city more beautiful. The company that won the tender stated that it could do the germination work at night, but we did not accept it, thinking that the work done at night would not be good. The company will complete the germination work by 31 January 2011.

We believed that it would be better to start carrying passengers after the completion of all the work within the scope of the project. As such, it will be the 15th of February next year that we start passenger transportation. We believe that our citizens will welcome us due to the delay we go through in order to do the best. Even when we started carrying passengers with the rail system in February 2011, we will have completed the project in less than 2 years. We also know that there are cities that can complete this job in 10-15 years. "

Güzelbey emphasized that Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Light Rail System Project will not only solve the transportation problem, which is very important for the city, and that the project will also bring a new vision to Gaziantep.

Güzelbey, the first phase of the Light Rail System Project was carried out between Gaziantep University and the Station, with the other stages of the city center and Karataş District, Gazikent, Küçük Sanayi Sitesi, Zeytinli District, 8 February District, Beylerbeyi District and Organized Industrial Zone, where mass housing applications are also located. He noted that they aim to include them in the transportation service with the rail system.

Source: Star Newspaper



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