Enton Beton Energy Generates Energy Transmission Poles for High Speed ​​Lines

active yht lines and yht lines under construction
active yht lines and yht lines under construction

Enton Beton Enerji, the producer of the 7 bin 500 of the 5 bin 500 concrete pole on the Eskişehir-Ankara high-speed train line, now produces the entire 8 bin concrete pole on the Konya-Ankara high-speed train line. Eskişehir-Istanbul line for the negotiations continued, said Enton Company Director Emin Toparlar, they want to produce the concrete poles of this line, he said.

Enton operates in the production of concrete poles and traverses, and also manufactures catenary poles for high speed trains. As in 2011, as in 2010, Enton will continue to produce concrete poles for the high speed train project. . This project will send 1 thousand 550 pieces of concrete directly to the toparlar, said:

Iş The biggest buyer in the sector, the contractor who works in the state. The most important rule here is the price. Fast train project tenders are made very fast. Then there are separate tenders for their commitments. That means a target has been set. 2023 is targeted for one kilometer and is trying to get there. This is enough for us if the 1 / 3 of the targeted figure is made. The European Investment Bank uses financial resources from the World Bank to make large-scale tenders, but these tenders do not go as expected. Avrupa

Marmaray supplier selection 14 elements sum up the consortium made of emphasizing that, "They came to us after examining all producers in Turkey around Europe. They saw us enough, they decided to take it, and this took 1.5 years. We examined every material about production, the important things that we jumped and passed on. Üretim

“We are planning to produce galvanized poles, TCM and lighting poles“

Emphasizing that they have reached the target they planned in the production of concrete poles and they continue to set higher targets for themselves, Emin Squadlar stated that they are primarily interested in every material used in high-speed train projects. Stating that there are hot dip galvanized production plans in this area, Paketlar said, "We plan to build galvanized poles, TCM poles, large lighting poles here," he said. Expressing that they met Eston, which is affiliated with Zeytinoğlu Holding, in 1980, he continued his words as follows: “In 2000, we first gave Eston a commission in return for an invoice and then rented it, then changed its name to Enton. After that, we established a factory in Eskişehir OSB and we have been operating here for three years with our own name. Turkey has a total of six factories operating in this regard. We are very assertive in the sector in terms of capacity, quality and technical opportunities. " - Kobi


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