3. Bridge Project Evaluation Report

  1. Bridge Project Evaluation Report: In order to overcome the rivers flowing in the ways of people living in nature,
    the main transportation solutions that provide us to cross the steep slopes and deep valleys; Throughout history, it has also adapted to changes in people's habitats, socio-economic relations and mobility. In this process, despite the structural features, labor, engineering solutions and technological advances that differed, the only thing that did not change was the purpose of building bridges. Just like the bridges crossing the rugged village roads in the Black Sea through the creeks, the stone arched bridges of the Silk Road, which facilitates trade from Mesopotamia to Anatolia, the railway bridges that cross the river beds in the deep valleys of Eastern Anatolia, and the rivers separating the old and new urban textures such as reinforced concrete bridges kurulmuş

Bridges, children who want to reach the school exceeds the stream; if the product and its revenue facilitate a fair shared trade; shortens the path to the town to the peasant; in short, if people are able to provide more economic and social access to nature, they have reached their goal and are defensible. But, like Istanbul, the bridges that connect both sides of a maritime city, and where almost every 10 year is intended to be made, can be as innocent and defensible as the others? The significance of the answer is that this city has a unique position and importance in a highly sensitive geography, with the risk of losing its natural values ​​through an ever-increasing population and building pressure. As such, it is well understood that the first two bridges between the two sides of Istanbul are influenced by the city. and maybe 3. provide a more conscious assessment of the bridges.

  1. Considering the multi-dimensional evaluation of the Bridge Project under physical, environmental, social, legal and economic topics and taking into account the location of the necessary transportation system for Istanbul, a healthier and more groundbreaking result will be demonstrated in contrast to the existing assumptions and decision-making processes of central and local governments. .

This report study, which tries to reveal whether the source of Istanbul's transportation problem is in need of a new bridge and a defensive language, can be solved by a comprehensive system approach to the problems encountered in transportation and to replace the new highway bridges in the throat passages. is a product of a common will that demonstrates the existence of alternative and more sustainable solutions to the environment and human life. 3, which was founded under the leadership of İstanbul Branch of TMMOB Chamber of City Planners. This study, which is prepared with the contributions of tens of academicians, experts, journalists, researchers and NGO representatives from the related professional chambers, is working on the Bridge Working Commission. It aims to revitalize the agenda of the Bridge Project with a scientific and more realistic language and to share this process with a wider audience.

Considered as free from prejudices, 3 leaves us with the choice of a scenario that will change the future of Istanbul negatively and radically. Thanks to all the people who participated in the similar struggle and the labor that was shared with the bridge project against this project.

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