There has been significant progress in our demand for re-determination of the Basic Fees of TCDD personnel.

By our union; TNCD contract personnel with the lowest contract fee within the SEEs have the right to conclude that the latest YPK Decision 6. 10 August 2010 date and MSK.08.UMS. technical studies have reached the stage of completion.

Due to the absence of the authority given to the board of directors by the YPK in the previous periods, the fees of the TCDD contracted personnel, who received the lowest wage among the SEEs; A meeting was held on 22 November 2010 between our Union and TCDD regarding our written request regarding the re-determination in line with the last decision of the YPK, which gave "limited" authority to the institutions and the meeting started with the TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman. President Halil İbrahim KÜTÜK and President Advisor İbrahim KEKEÇ attended the meeting.

In the meeting held at the technical level; Upon the request of our union, the board of directors of the relevant institution is authorized to determine within the lowest and highest wages, taking into account the title, education level, job requirements, workplace and working conditions of the personnel in article 6 of the mentioned YPK decision. It was observed that the study started within the framework of the provision was completed at the technical level.

At the meeting, our request was made to utilize as many staff as possible from the basic wage increases made in line with the YPK decision, which gave the institution “limited” authority.

Improvements regarding Basic Fees will come into effect after being finalized at the TCDD Board of Directors, which will meet in the coming days.

In the last YPK decision, due to the limited authority given to the institution, our company has continued to struggle for the personnel who will not benefit from the improvements.

We present these gains to be provided to our personnel with the initiatives of our union, to the attention of our staff that there may be those who want to own them later, as they are about “free food”.

Stay tuned for "right" and "fast" information ...



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