Nostalgic tram project will start without taking the measure of Şehreküstü Bursa traffic is waiting for days

Our colleague Serkan İnceoğlu first announced the latest development in Bursa Hakimiyet newspaper, and then the Metropolitan Municipality made a press release.
Description ...
Cumhuriyet Street is closed to the traffic of the car and the latest situation regarding the establishment of a nostalgic tramway is being informed.
According to this…
The tender process was completed, the site was determined, and the contractor company will start the construction work until the end of this month.
Let's say Baş
We put a lot of importance in the name of the bazaar tradition that is closed to the traffic of Cumhuriyet Street and a new center of attraction. We support until the end.
It is also clear that the closure of Cumhuriyet Caddesi to the vehicle traffic will have a negative impact on traffic in the city center.
During the closing of the infrastructure in the last period, we experienced the effects of traffic on the road during the closing of Cumhuriyet Avenue for a short period of time.
Şehreküstü Square was not able to carry the traffic to the Haşim İşcan Street and the traffic center of Bursa city center became a major traffic problem.
We have raised the issue in Gündem16 news magazine to draw attention to the problem at this point. Gündem16'nın cover the August issue, our article, 16 August 2010 ığ danger of waiting in the traffic of Bursa… when Cumhuriyet Caddesi is closed for tram, Şehreküstü cannot carry the load as it is, and the city traffic collapses ağ.
We have warned that the closure of Cumhuriyet Caddesi will start days like nightmares for traffic in Bursa without solving the traffic problem in Şehreküstü Square.
At the point Gelin
We had to remind this warning once again that the tender was completed and the construction was started.
Here is the article:
When the problems of daily urban life are mentioned in Bursa, traffic and transportation come to mind first. Because in modern city life, the transportation of people became very important.
In Bursa, which has undergone an incredible transformation and transformation upon the legacy of the old city, this issue comes to the fore a little more felt due to the problems of the city.
When our friend, colleague, colleague Bursa Journalist Society President Nuri Kolaylı has asked for the daily life of the city for his Gündem16 news magazine, for which he is the owner of GündemXNUMX, our thoughts about the aftermath of a project that we think will be the most talked about issue of Bursa for a period of one to two years according to the agenda of the Metropolitan Municipality. We need to share.
The following article was published in the last issue of Gündem16 news magazine with the title of son City center traffic cannot be solved without solving Şehreküstü Square Aşağıdaki.
30 does not mean a great time for big cities, especially Bursa, which is the largest capital of the Ottoman Empire and the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, after Bursa in Byzantine period.
The development of the cities with a historical background is within a certain mold and this mold does not allow the city to change much.
The last 30 of Bursa showed an incredible change over the years. Everything has changed from business understanding to settlement, from demographic structure to municipality principles and understanding, from transportation to transportation of people.
Today, 30 does not exist in the years before Bursa. Today we have a completely different Bursa and we live in Bursa, which is changing every day.
As the cities in this structure change and grow, another problem emerges spontaneously: Transportation.
The interesting thing is ...
Even if there is a different phenomenon, the problem of transportation and traffic is intertwined in an uncontrolled rapidly growing city. Uninterrupted traffic leads to an unreachable urban object.
The point is that makes the subject even worse:
While 30 was growing very fast in the year, 50 could not add new ones to the streets of the year before. He was unable to share the traffic load on vertical and horizontal streets. That's what made the transportation problem a traffic problem.
Here's a recall Ş
Since the number of vehicles in the streets in the early years of 80 is small; Sculpture-garage dolmuşlar throw down the gear from the sculpture, shut down the ignition, close to the prison building, near the Palace of Justice today spent a large portion of the road without spending gas.
In those years, the two major streets in the city center, Atatürk and Cumhuriyet streets, had traffic double-way jobs, and the edges and vehicles parked arbitrarily.
The same streets cannot carry one-way traffic today.
Another detail:
As the mayor of 1982-1989, and the first person to carry the title of Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Ekrem Barışık is one of the biggest dreams of the city. In Bursa, the Champs Elysees, in our words, was to exalt the Champs-Elysées.
For this purpose, he started to look for an alternative to Atatürk Street and started the road to go behind the post office and to go behind the governorship building.
Come see Gelin
In the period after Barışık, this road was converted into Nalbantoğlu Bazaar and its former name was Basak Caddesi.
This is Bu
Local administration has been the choice of the cadres in the office.
The same turning Aynı
In other words, in the period when Teoman Özalp was at work, important moves were made to solve the traffic problem in Bursa.
At the points where the traffic is trapped due to disruption and the roads become unobstructed, the first interchanges have been made in Bursa.
For example…
Çatalfırın Viaduct and Demirtaş and Hal bridge interchanges were made as arrangements to solve the traffic problem.
These intersections have solved the traffic problem in those years. It was seen that Çatalfırın Viaduct was very comfortable for the vehicles coming to Altıparmak and to Altıparmak, and it gave way to the vehicles coming from Garaj to the Sculpture.
Demirtaş Köprülü Junction also eliminated traffic congestion from the intersection of İnönü and Haşim İşcan streets.
In the same way, Hal Köprülü Junction was prevented from the accumulation of traffic in the intersection of the street which was named Ulubatlı Hasan Bulvarı by turning into İnönü Street and 70 at the end of the year.
All three projects have brought a solution to the traffic but they have never been appreciated as images since their time. When they were first built, they were already criticized, and today they are seen as interesting engineering solutions.
90, which was built at the beginning of the 20s, has become the most important problem of urban traffic since the XNUMX passing through the intervening period slowed down the traffic of the vehicles coming from Fevzi Çakmak and Haşim İşcan streets as it slowed backwards.
That's why…
As the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality, Recep Altepe, who plans to establish a nostalgia tram line by closing one of the projects that will mark the city as a mayor of the city with rubber tires, wants to shift the traffic to Haşim İşcan Street.
At first glance İlk
The biggest alternative of Cumhuriyet Street is Haşim İşcan Caddess.
So what…
There is a fact of Bursa which emerged during the closure of Cumhuriyet Avenue for three months for the infrastructure work, and it will become a problem that will grow even more when Bursa accomplishes its idea.
That danger is called Çatalfırın Viaduct.
Even today Bugün
In other words, even when the Cumhuriyet Caddesi, which sees most of the traffic load on the way back from the city center, runs a serious traffic congestion at Şehreküstü Square.
Everyone sees why:
Three lanes from Haşim İşcan Street and two lanes from Fevzi Çakmak Street have to fall into Şehreküstü Square and fall into one lane to go to the direction of Sculpture or Altıparmak. This, as we have just mentioned, is like putting two vehicles in the 5 lane in two directions into the funnel.
For being so Öyle
Fevzi Çakmak traffic in the big part of the day until the City Square, even in the evening until the swelling of Gençosman'a. The same situation leads to Haşim İşcan's traffic that extends up to the front of the Ördekli Hamam.
Can you see the traffic images on these two streets after the main street traffic of Cumhuriyet Street?
For him Onun
It is necessary to solve the traffic lock on Şehreküstü Square before closing Cumhuriyet Street to traffic.
Worst of all İş
There are not too many options to solve the problem in Şehreküstü.
There can be no crossing or crossing underneath the square, because it passes through Bursaray. A new bridge or viaduct cannot be built over the square because the skyline of the city is broken.
For him Onun
The solution also needs to search on the ground. As the simplest of the aboveground solutions, the solution to the eradication of the congestion factor comes to the fore.
At this point…
In our opinion, as a journalist, who often seeks solutions and searches for urban traffic, the solution lies in the removal of the Çatalfırın Viaduct, which is the problem itself, although it is a problem-solver when it fills and functions.
One time…
Republic Street traffic will be closed in front of Zafer Plaza vehicles will not come. Therefore, the part of Şehreküstü Square from Çatalfırın is the way to go to the Sculpture.
After the viaduct is removed, the section that will relax will give at least two lanes to Altıparmak.
Thus, Şehreküstü Square becomes fluent and the accumulation of traffic, which will occur even more in the future, will be prevented. That relief also relieves the streets that are directed to Şehreküstü due to traffic flow.
The only problem here is Burada
It can be experienced in the vehicles that come from Altıparmak and return to Şehreküstü.
Although there is no direct return today, the vehicles coming from Altıparmak can reach Şehreküstü by turning behind Zafer Plaza's extension in the upper corner of Cumhuriyet Caddesi.
In this system, the vehicles will have to walk around the Sculpture, which is a normal cost increase for large cities.
In no big city, vehicles cannot go back where they want. Navigating the Sculpture does not create a great distance loss in a flowing traffic scheme.
In short Söz
City center traffic is not solved without solving Şehreküstü Square.

Source: Ahmet Emin Yılmaz



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