Transportation Quality Increased in Samsun

806 kilometer road network in Samsun has become a divided road.
Highways 7 providing information about the land investments. Regional Director Abdulkadir Uraloğlu, Samsun 806 kilometers of road length is found, this road is the state road, the 383 kilometer is the provincial road, he said.
State and provincial roads, 195 kilometers of the bituminous hot mix, 555 kilometers of the surface coating and the 56 kilometers of the road is classified as indicating that Abdulkadir Uraloğlu, especially in the Samsun-Sinop road network, intensive work is carried out. The total amount of investments is 1.2 billion liras, 2009 million TL has been spent as of the end of 745, 2010 million TL is planned to be spent in the 123, Uraloğlu said, olduğun Until now, 97 million TL was spent. We run our work under three axes across the province. One of the most important projects of the Samsun-Ankara highway is the 90 kilometer split road which is within the borders of our province. There is a warm mix up to Ankara. 25 between Çakallı and Samsun plating works are in progress. We started the study to remove the two strips on the 3 strip. There are two interchange projects in Kavak. Asarcık entrance until the Feast of Sacrifice, until the end of the year Kavak entrance junction work will be completed. We have solved the negativity we experienced about the tunnels in the basin area, the last floor was left asphalt, Hav he said.
Providing information about the Samsun-Sinop highway works of 151 kilometers, Uraloğlu said, arı Our province has an 92 kilometer section. 3 continues to be auctioned. We have reached the 70 kilometer divided road. 2012 is planning to complete the road of the year. 19 May is finished in the last asphalt. The end of the year will be way to split up in Alaçam. In the first months of the year we will reach to Yakakent. Güz We will take the itinerary into the divided road in the first part of next year. Ön

Source: IHA


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