Rail to Rail and Rail System

Havran Mayor Hasan Lofcalıoğlu, reconnected the Balya-Havran and Edremit railroad, which was closed in 1939, as well as connecting Edremit Bay… ..

Havran Mayor Hasan Lofcalıoğlu asked for the Union of Municipalities to handle the 'Light Rail System', which connects the Bay of Edremit together with the re-launch of the Balya-Havran and Edremit railway, which was closed in 1939.

Havran Mayor Hasan Lofcalıoğlu asked for the 'Light Rail System', which connects the Bay of Edremit, to reconstruct the Balya-Havran and Edremit railroads in 1939, and to initiate the work on this issue. Havran Mayor Hasan Lofcalıoğlu, who announced that he was on the agenda of a 75 cm railway between Havran Palamutluk and Güre Ilıca Iron Pier, which started in the time of Muharrem Bey, the first mayor of the city and started its activities in the time of Fevzi Sözener, the second mayor of Havran, said: “Balıkesir- "Light Rail System" transportation within the Gulf should also be included in the agenda, as well as the railroad to İzmir through Havran-Edremit-Burhaniye-Gömeç-Ayvalık, the project of the year 1930 is brought to life. "LOFCALIOĞLU, ROAD, AIR NEAR RAILWAY AND SEA MUST BE "" Railway with Abdul Hamid to railways in history that civilization and prosperity knows very well all over the country at Ataturk the 'iron network' wanted to knit and made in it. Then, he was abandoned, and now the AK Party Government backed the railways and covered all parts of the country with fast lines and put it into service, ”said Hasan Lofcalıoğlu, Mayor of AK Party,“ Light Rail System transportation within Edremit Bay has gained importance. The Balikesir-Balya-Edremit and Aliaga Railway Project, prepared by Ataturk, was canceled in 1940, but work should be started to connect the Balikesir or Canakkale-Bandirma Railway line to Izmir over Edremit. If economic development is desired in the Gulf, it should be a railroad and a seaway, beside the highway, airline. ”COMPLETELY COLLAPSED FROM EDREMITE AND AERIAL ECONOMICS On 1 November 1924, two passenger cars with two compartments, which were opened and put into operation, were made six times a day with 32 passenger cars each. President Lofçalıoğlu, who explained that there are 10 stations (stops) in the 28-kilometer Palamut-Ilıca line carrying the Güre Ilıca Iron Pier, Akçay, Zeytinli, Tanneries, Edremit, Bostancı, Havran and Palamutluk, the Edremit and Havran economies were completely said it collapsed. HAVAN TRAIN IS CLOSED AND NOW WANTED.Havran Train, running between Ilica-Bonito and 75 cm wide railway, 1 May 1923 date has been started to be built and completed on November 1 1924 was opened to operation. The train carrying the 7-ton small locomotives, two passenger carriages with 32 compartments and 10 passenger carriages, has two stops in Güre Demir İskelesi-Ilıca, Akçay, Zeytinli, Tannery, Edremit, Bostancı, Havran and Palamutluk. The train, which departs from it, would bring the students to Edremit and bring it back to Havran at 08.00 in the evening. It was known that the Şimendifer Palamutluk-Ilıca had six times a day during the day.



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