'The 2023 target depends on liberalization'

10 was held last year. Ibrahim Oz stated that the target of increasing the share of the railway transportation to 20 was determined in the Transportation Council and that the liberalization is a prerequisite for the realization of this target. Pay Legal arrangements for liberalization should be made without delay, Ulaştırma he said.

In the transport sector, the rail 1950 has a share of around 68,2 with a share of around 5, but today it has fallen to 27. The importance of combined transport for the development of logistics in Turkey emphasized that the railway for it also emphasized the need to increase the share of transport. Ibrahim Öz, Chairman of the Board of Railway Transport Association (DTD), 01 2009. He said that the Transportation Council aims to increase the share of rail freight by 10 by 20 percent in 5 today. Tir In this case the railways in 2023 will carry an annual 2023 million tons of cargo. In 170, 2050 will carry a million tons of 20 annually, X Öz said. 600, 2023, 7, 2050 multispectional transportation is targeted to be pointed. Expressing that these goals and expectations are prerequisites, Öz said, demiryolu This prerequisite is first and foremost the legal arrangements that will ensure the liberalization of the railway sector. As long as the liberalization is delayed, it will not be possible to reach the targeted amounts for the railway in 26 and 2023 years. Serbest

Oz, noted that two important laws on railways are expected to be released for liberalization. Çerçeve One of these laws is the yasal Railway Framework Act “, which separates the infrastructure and passenger and cargo transportation, and the other is a law to restructure TCDD Serbest.

Emphasizing that privatization is not the aim of privatization, Öz said: ı Liberalization is the abolition of state restrictions in the production of goods or services in the monopoly of the state to ensure the best use of resources in order to meet the needs. In other words, the production and sale of goods or services by a monopoly (usually the state) is also opened to other people.

Considering this approach, the development of railways within the EU has become so important that the laws on liberalization have been enacted in all EU member states. Railroad management was opened to public and private companies. Liberalization should be done right now. The future expectations of the railway sector depend on liberalization. Ün

2009 increased by 15

Evaluating the economic crisis, Ibrahim Oz said that the economic crisis in 2009 had a negative impact on the entire transportation sector. The 2009 2010 7 2009 13 944 936 11 812 471 2010 14 830 36 13 610 542 2009 85 2010 92 2010 2009 In the 15 XNUMX XNUMX thousand million tons carrying programming the XNUMX, XNUMX million XNUMX XNUMX thousand tons transport took place. Self, in XNUMX years XNUMX percent to happen, happen in XNUMX XNUMX percent that year also gave the information. XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX in the transfer of more than the transfer carried over the next months, said they expect more transportation in the coming months.

Self Pointing out that the present form of transportation combined transport, "as well as all over the world for combined transport, it is having a significant increase in Turkey. Since goods are transported in containers and pallets in combined transportation, handling of goods and border crossings are easier. Kom Drawing attention to the fact that the transport chain was created on the basis of sea and rail in the combined transportation, Öz stated that the close-range transport was done by road. U We can say that the railway transportation sector is a sector that is required to be used for competition in national and international transports, and that the future is bright, taş he said, adding that the combined transport provides positive contributions to environmental pollution, traffic density and energy efficiency issues.

Sorun Unbalanced distribution problem should be solved in transportation shares “

Transport and saying that the uneven share of transportation in the transportation sector İbrahim Özer, he said it was one of Turkey's most important problem in the logistics sector. Priority to unbalanced distribution; pointing out that the legal, administrative and structural arrangements should be done as soon as possible, Öz said: it should be safe, effective and at the same time developing a transport policy that takes social benefits and respects the environment. The European Union considers transport as the key to modern economies and produces transport policies and works to ensure their implementation. The most important issues on the agenda of Turkey's transport sector, the drafting of legislation related to the railway and the draft was sent to parliament is soon to be issued by law. These regulations are indispensable arrangements in the framework of harmonization with the EU. Bu

Self Turkey, taking into account the EU rules for EU harmonization, transport sector and railway sector, adding that the case related to legal regulations.

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