Malatya Elazig Highway Will Be Concrete Asphalt

Highways 8. It is reported that the Regional Directorate will cover the Malatya-Elazığ Highway with concrete asphalt in 2011.
AK Party Malatya Deputy Fuat Ölmeztoprak, Elazığ-Malatya road 20 kilometers of the Hankendi output and the last year as a divided road in this part of the concrete asphalt has been started by specifying the work, the remaining 80 kilometers in the next year Elazığ-Malatya section as concrete asphalt Highways 8. It will be made by the Regional Directorate Bölge.
Ölmeztoprak, Malatya -Elazığ on the Karakaya Dam Lake, located next to a bridge over the Kömürhan bridge will be done by specifying, the new bridge will be the length of the 320 meters, he said.
Ölmeztoprak, "about the first place, according to the calculations on the cost of the bridge will be the new bridge 36 million tl.y Turkey's prestige projects. This year the construction and consultancy work of Kömürhan Bridge was allocated to 748 thousand TL. In addition, maintenance and repair work will be done on the existing bridge Ayrıca.

Source: IHA

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