Latek Logistics Will Connect Anatolia to Europe

latek logistics
latek logistics

With the completion of the Tekirdağ-Muratlı railway line, Latek Logistics, which will start to serve in Tekirdağ Port with the 15 wagon Latek Express Train, will connect Western and Central Anatolia to Europe via Tekirdağ.

Levent Erdoğan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Latek Logistics, said that the Tekirdağ-Muratlı railway line, which is important for Tekirdağ Port, will contribute to the more active use of the railway in the distribution of export products.

Erdoğan, who stated that they will start to serve as a railroad with the new railway line at Tekirdağ Port, underlined that the Latek Express Train, which was created for this purpose, will carry the cargoes to the Port of Tekirdag by way of sea from Western and Central Anatolia.

Erdoğan, the Latek Loistik this service has begun by recording themselves, Tekirdag Port with the integration of the railway in the Haydarpaşa Port will reduce the intensity, traffic in the city and on the highway will be reduced, he said.

Whether by road mainly transportation in Turkey, the sea road and railway that used in a limited percentage Referring to Erdogan, "along with restoring the Tekirdağ Port rail in particular will decline xnumx'luk minimum percentage of transportation costs," he said.

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