Samsun Rail System Operation Auction Completed

📩 27/04/2019 19:50

SAMULAŞ received the tender for the leasing of the operation of the Light Rail System opened by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality. According to this, the 595 will operate the Rail System during the year. The tender for the leasing of the operation of the Light Rail System, which is expected to be put into service in October of this year by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, was won by Samsun Transport Inc. (SAMULAŞ), which was established under the partnership of 3 company and Private Public Buses Association.

595 will pay thousand TL + VAT

The tender commission met yesterday under the chairmanship of Turan Çakır, the Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality. The company did not participate in the tender except for SAMULAŞ, which was established under the partnership of 584 company and Private Public Buses Association of Metropolitan Municipality. SAMULAŞ, 4 thousand TL plus VAT won the tender for the rental price. Deputy Mayor Sefer Arlı, who took the tender for the 595 3 year for all personnel expenses, as well as the costs of the system, 16 train operating and spare parts expenses and energy costs will cover the cost . SAMIAS will collect the light rail system's passenger transportation fees that express Arlı, the municipality's line of deterioration of the repair, as well as maintenance and repairs of all kinds of trains will do, he said.

Minibuses not included

Mr. Seul Arlı, who informed that SAMULAŞ was established in partnership with the municipality of 4 and the Private Public Buses affiliated with the Metropolitan, said about the arrangement of minibus lines, erne We establish a separate company for them, make a deal with the company that takes this business, install 'suggest. We would like to share the money collected in the pool system in exchange for everyone's work. After this tender, we will sit with them more clearly and talk. SAMULAŞ officials, minibuses and public bus drivers to sit on the table and a decision to be taken. According to the result of this decision will be taken action, Bu he said. Arlı stated that the company that receives the tender will increase the rental rate in case of extension by the Metropolitan Municipality. Ar If the line is added within three years, an increase in the rent will be made by looking at the rate at which the supplement is made. For example, if the municipality has extended the 2 kilometer line, the rental price will be increased immediately by 2 / 16 Örneğin.

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