28 km New Tram Line to Izmir

Izmir Metro Saatleri Ticket Prices Stations and Map
Izmir Metro Saatleri Ticket Prices Stations and Map

Preparations for tram projects to be integrated to İzmir Metro and Aliağa-Menderes Rail System have started. Ege City Planning, a company of the Metropolitan Municipality, completed the Fahrettin Altay-Alsancak-Halkapınar Tram Line Project Tender in April, and this time the Buca Şirinyer-Tınaztepe Campus and Karşıyaka Alaybey-Mavişehir trams between the project tender. All three tram projects were carried out by Yüksel Proje A.Ş. To prepare. The projects, which will be prepared in six months according to the specifications, will be delivered by the new year at the latest.

EIA report to be received

In October, 2010 will launch the Aliaga-Menderes Rail System, 2011 Izmir-Bornova line in February-March, and 2011 will open the whole of the Üçyol-Üçkuyular line in June-July. The tender for the construction of tram lines will be followed by a positive report of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and after the approval of DLH (General Directorate of Railways, Ports and Airports Construction). The tenders will be held at the end of 2011, firstly Fahrettin Altay-Alsancak-Halkapınar line. Tram lines; It will be integrated with metro, suburban line, bus and sea transportation.

Here itineraries

Fahrettin Altay-Alsancak-Halkapınar Line: It will be integrated with the metro project between Aliağa-Menderes Rail System and Üçkuyular-Bornova. 13 miles long. Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard, Cumhuriyet Square, Halkapınar Metro Station.

Buca Line: Aliağa-Menderes suburb line will start from Şirinyer Station. Arriving and departing from the existing line is divided into two. It will reach the Agile Square. The line that will continue from Özmen Street is 61 behind Hasan Ağa Garden. He'il be on the street. 5 miles long.

Karşıyaka Line: Alaybey'den double-track line starting from the coast will reach Bostanlı Pier. After that the route will be finalized after the tender. It will either continue from the beach or enter Cengiz Topel Street perpendicular to the sea to reach Cahar Dudayev Boulevard. Mavişehir Station will end. Length 10 kilometers.

Izmir Metrove Tram Map



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