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Chairman of the Board

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Construction Industry

Fikri EREM
Director of Finance


Korea Martyrs Street 8, Esentepe
34394 Sisli, Istanbul-Turkey
Tel: (212) 306 50 00
Fax: (212) 306 56 00


GAP Construction Turkmenistan
Six Garliyev Street 70, 744028
Wire: (99-312) 42 26 50
Fax: (99-312) 42 26 71

GAP Construction Russia
Ul. Leninskaya Sloboboda D.19, Etaj 5
Wire: (7-499) 995 04 91

GAP Construction Sudan
Plot 10, Block 2
Khartoum Almanshia Town-SUDAN
Wire: (249-183) 27 73 41
Fax: (249-183) 27 33 77

GAP Construction UAE
PO Box: 129894, Office No: 601 / 604
Floor: 6, Al Salmeen Tower
Electra Street, Abu Dhabi-UAE
Wire: (971-2) 672 84 88
Fax: (971-2) 672 43 44

GAP Construction Qatar
Al Mirqab Tower, Ground Floor
Al Corniche Street, Sheraton Roundabout
PO Box: 24863, Doha-QATAR
Tel: (974) 495 46 66
Fax: (974) 483 99 87


• Feasibility and Project Development
• Turnkey Industrial Facilities
• Housing and Prestige Buildings
•Business centers
• Social and Cultural Facilities
• Hospitals
• Administrative Buildings
• Parks and Pools
• Highways
• City Roads
• Urban Transformation / Renewal

HoldingÇALIK Holding A.Ş.
TicaretGAP Southeast Textile Industry and Trade Inc.
PazarlamaGAP Marketing Inc.
A.Ş.AKTİF Investment Bank Inc.
LerÇALIK Financial Services Inc.
A.Ş.TURKUVAZ Radio Television Communication and Publishing Inc.
A.Ş.TURKUVAZ Technical Services Industry and Trade Inc.
◦TURKUVAZ Kitapçılık Publishing Inc.
A.Ş.TURKUVAZ Advertising Marketing Consulting Inc.
◦TURKUVAZ ATV Television Production Inc.
A.Ş.TURKUVAZ Television and Radio Management Inc.
A.Ş.TURKUVAZ News Agency Inc.
A.Ş.TURKUVAZ Publishing Services and Trade Inc.
A.Ş.TURKUVAZ Filmmaking Production Industry and Trade Inc.
A.Ş.TURKUVAZ Publishing House Inc.
A.Ş.TURKUVAZ Mobile Services Inc.
A.Ş.TURKUVAZ İzmir Newspaper Magazine Edition Publishing Inc.
A.Ş.TURKUVAZ Distribution Marketing Inc.
A.Ş.TURKUVAZ İzmir Television Production and Radio Inc.
◦TURKUVAZ Active Television Production Inc.
AsTURKUVAZ New Asır Television Production Inc.
◦TURKUVAZ Newspaper Magazine Printing Inc.
A.Ş.TURKUVAZ TV Services Inc.
A.Ş.TURKUVAZ Media Broadcasting Services Inc.
A.Ş.TURKUVAZ Visual and Audio Communication Inc.
A.Ş.LIDYA Mining Operations Inc.
A.ŞLİDYA Mining Corporation
MadenDORE Gold and Mining Inc.
VeSOMA Building Materials Mining Industry and Trade Inc.
• Telecom
HizmetCETEL ÇALIK Energy Telecommunications Services Inc.
VeCETEL Telecom Communication Industry and Trade Inc.
LeriYENİKOM Telecommunications Services Inc.
TelTELEMED Telekom Inc.
DışGAP Construction Investment and Foreign Trade Inc.
İnşaat URBAN TRANSFORMATION Construction Inc.
İnşaatGAPYAPI Construction Inc.
İnşaatÇALIK Construction Inc.
TicaretÇALIK Real Estate Trade Inc.
İnşaatATAYURT Construction Inc.
TicaretÇALIK Energy Industry and Trade Inc.
.ÇALIK Energy Electricity Production and Sub. Inc.
TicaretDOĞU AKDENİZ Petrochemical and Refinery Industry and Trade Inc.
TicaretGAP Electricity Distribution Industry and Trade Inc.
ÜretimKIZILIRMAK Electricity Generation Inc.
SatışTÜRKMEN'S ALTIN ​​ASRI Electric Energy Wholesale Company
A.Ş.AKTİF Natural Gas Trade Inc.
VeTAPCO Petroleum Pipeline Industry and Trade Inc.
.ÇALIK NTF Electricity Production and Sub. Inc.
TicaretATLAS Petroleum Gas Import Export and Marketing Trade Inc.
TicaretYEŞİLÇAY Energy Electricity Production Industry and Trade Inc.
VeMomentum Energy Electricity Production Industry and Trade Inc.
A.Ş.IRMAK Energy Electricity Production Mining Industry and Trade Inc.
TicaretBAŞAK Energy Electricity Production Industry and Trade Inc.
A.Ş.IKIDENIZ Oil and Gas Industry and Trade Inc.
TicaretNATURELGAZ Industry and Trade Inc.
TicaretORTUR Electricity Production and Trade Ltd. Sti.
TicaretVADİ Electricity Production Industry and Trade Ltd. Sti.
Ltd.ÇALIK Wind Energy Electricity Production Ltd. Sti.
TicaretANT Energy Industry and Trade Ltd. Sti.
TicaretÇEP Petroleum Distribution Industry and Trade Inc.
TicaretADACAMİ Energy Electricity Production Industry and Trade Inc.
A.Ş.AKÇAY Energy Inc.
EnerjiSEMBOL Energy Inc.
A.Ş.AYAS Refinery and Petrochemical Industry Trade Inc.
EnerjiPETROTRANS Energy Inc.

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About Levent Ozen
Every year, high-speed rail sector, the European leader in the growing Turkey. Investments in railways, which take this speed from high-speed trains, continue to increase. In addition, with the investments made for transportation in the city, the stars of many of our companies making domestic production shine. It is proud that Turkish high-speed tren national train ”production has been started in addition to the companies producing domestic tram, light rail and subway vehicles. We are very happy to be in this proud table.

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