Minister Özakın Ski Resort Word Tuned Up

The statement of State Minister for Sports Faruk Nafiz Özak that ski facilities will be built in provinces, including Tunceli, was welcomed by the inhabitants of Ovacık district of Tunceli. Tunceli, which comes to the agenda with its beach views like Bodrum in summer, is planned to be opened to ski tourism in winter. In Turkey, the year is intense snowfall that covered 6-7 months of snow and district surrounding the Munzur Mountains, one of the places where now 3 meters of snow Tunceli dealing with skiing despite several years lack of facilities in the Ovacik district youth Ministers Özakın hoped with his statement.

Tunceli Youth and Sports Provincial Directorate organized by skiing for athletes participating in the race, contest fiercely competing district residents to participate in the selection, especially Turkey is waiting for county ski resort for the development of a single area of ​​activity is skiing in the winter. Ekincan Gür, who skied in the facility, which is 1 kilometer away from Ovacık District center, said, “There is a ski center here, we just ski, there is no other sports area, we want a cable car. We find it difficult to climb the mountain. We want the cable car to be built, ”he said.

Murat Çiftçi said, “We have been doing every sportive activity since the snow fell. We go up in winter, there is no cable car. We want a ski lift and ski run, ”he said.

A young man named Ekrem Bayır, who claimed that there would be no snowfall if the dams planned to be built on the Munzur River, said, “We come here in winters, there is no cable car. We don't want a dam. "If the dam is built, it will not snow and this activity will not occur."

Deniz Ferhatoğulları, who operates the ski facility prepared by the residents of the district with their own means, stated that the statement made by Minister Özak gives them hope and said, “Our biggest wish is to build a ski facility here. It is more important for our young people to do sports here, rather than spend their time in coffee corners. Our minister gave the good news. "The construction of the facility is extremely important for the development of this place."
Ski resort area if though there is very Saber in ski competitions attended by athletes facility is made of rags, he said Turkey would do in both degrees in the world. The rag stated the following:
“I am making the track with my own effort. Elsewhere, there are cable cars, chair lifts, gondolas, snowmobiles. Let them give me this opportunity, see what I am doing with my friends. I go and do degrees outside the province. I want a facility like in Uludağ in Palandöken. They do not plant here, they can do here include Turkey'll be a first, I do degree in the world. "

Ovacık Mayor Mustafa Sarıgül stated that people, including himself, have been skiing on this natural track for 20 years. Sarıgül said that the 1995-meter-long 'Baby Leeft', which was given to the district in 800, was put into operation by the District Governorship in 2000, but could not fulfill its function due to its short length, saying, “(Baby Leeft) was dismantled and sent to other districts after a while. For the ski facility requested to be built here, in 2007, Tunceli Youth and Sports Provincial Directorate
the project was accepted by the Ministry and an allowance of 400 thousand TL was issued. However, the project was not put into practice ”.

Stating that the district is one of the most suitable places for skiing, Mayor Sarıgül said, “There are many things. Natural track, this track exists since December 20th, although the snowfall is delayed. There is no snow anywhere so close to the center in Turkey. In Kartalkaya, it is 120 centimeters but at a distance. We have almost 2 meters of snow at high altitudes, in this sense, we have an advantage in terms of early snowfall and rising late. A ready runway has been around for a month. 8 months skiing can be done with air conditioning. There is no problem in terms of cost. "You can make the track that you will spend 2-3 million to 1 million here and this is the most advantageous region," he said.



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