Mount Eren Ski Resort Entered Service

eren mountain ski resort
eren mountain ski resort

Fethiye Seki Erendağ Ski Center project, which was built in 12 for the purpose of developing the skiing sport and spreading the tourism to 1996 on the island, was completed in November and put into service.

Erendağı Winter Sports Tourism Center Project, which was started to be built 12 years ago in Muğla, one of the leading centers of tourism, to benefit from winter sports and to spread regional tourism to 13 month, was completed.
The chairman of the Black Sea Sports Tourism Hotel Management Company, and the former National Skier Seref Elbir, Eren Mountain` will be an alternative region for winter sports, stating that the tr high snow thickness in the region where the ski will be found approximately 1,5 meters. At the top, the thickness reaches up to 5 meters. The chairlift works being carried out by our company have been completed. With the installed ski lift system, the skiers will reach the height of 3,5 meters in 600 minutes and they will slide down from here. With this system, thousands of 200 people will be reached to the point of slip. Bu

Company officer Şeref Elbir stated that the snow thickness after the snowfall started in January reached up to 80 centimeter, while bir The region is a region dominated by Mediterranean climate like Antalya and Muğla. This year was not only the Mount Eren, but in all regions lodos and rainfall was effective. Even in Uludağ, snow thickness is not at the desired level. There was a snowfall in Mount Eren in January. At one point 80 dropped to 25 centimeter due to rain and lodos. For those who want to do a day skiing right now. On the weekends, skiers from Antalya and Muğla can enjoy skiing. Our goal is to attract the tour agencies here. With the support of our governor, we would like to attract tour agencies to Eren Mountain. In addition to summer tourism in Muğla, we want to revive the winter tourism with the Eren Mountain Ski Resort Muğ.


Located on the 74 kilometer of the Fethiye-Antalya highway, Eren Dağı 1 bin 5 is located at the height of 2-890 with its slopes and valleys within the boundaries of Seki and 1960-1960 for the day. Within the framework of the Erendagi Winter Sports Tourism Center Project, a chalet was built in the social facility area for the use of skiers coming to the region at the height of 1,5 meters. The first snow of the year starts at the end of October, while the rainfall continues until April and provides skiers with the opportunity to ski until May. At 5 meters where the social facilities are located, the snow thickness reaches to XNUMX meters and XNUMX meters at the peak.


Special Provincial Administration, in the town of Fethiye Seki Erendağı to make the ski resort in the year 1996 began work. Study reports were prepared by 2001 experts from French Neige Internaional. Ministry of Forestry, Provincial Directorate of Special Provincial permission to establish a cafeteria and ropeway system. 2005 34 601 49 20 annually 201 annexed to the Secretary General of the General Directorate of Special Administration. Facilities for the ski resort 25 thousand 74 square meters were planned. The energy transmission line was drawn and an 1 kilowatt transformer was installed to supply energy. The water transmission line to be used in the ski center at Eren Mountain, which offers tour routes between the 5-30 days to the tour skiers in the 2009 of the Fethiye-Antalya highway, within the borders of the town of Seki, with its slopes and valleys, was completed, the water was brought, the road was built. Social facility constructions and art structures were completed and a chalet was built for ski teams. By the decision of the Provincial Standing Council, 15 won the tender which was opened in April 10 by winning the tender. The Black Sea Sports Tourism Hotel Management Ittriyat Mining Industry and Trade Limited Company ski center building will be opened to 1 thousand TL, and the telecommunication facility to be constructed with build-operate-transfer model will be 167 million XNUMX thousand TL rented.



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