Atabarı Ski Resort Chairlift Tender Completed

Atabarı Ski Resort Chairlift Tender Completed
On February 14 2009 Artvin and Turkey until the services of ski lovers opened Atabar continues to invest Ski Resort

At the Atabarı Ski Center, which has a length of one thousand 800 meters, the ski lovers were using the telescope founded by the General Directorate of Youth and Sports so far.

The Italian firm Snowstar started the work. Turkey Ski Federation made by the tender, the company gave Snowstar 1 130 million euro bid. The company will finish 300 business day. The chairlift will be delivered in October next year and 2010 will start to serve ski lovers in winter. The length of the line is 600 meters. There will be 4 chairs on the chairlift and 1200 people will be moved every hour.

Construction of the Artvin Governorate, which was started in June in 2008 and was completed in a short time such as 6 months, began to blink slowly among the ski lovers' favorite places. The launch of Atabarı Ski Center was held on the 14 February 2009 Valentine's Day. In the 800 thousand meters with a length of Atabar ski center, ski lovers to go to the starting point of the runways so far by the Youth and Sports General Directorate of Turkey Ski Federation were using kurdurulmuş the teleski.

Ski center to visit the Sports coming to our province in October that the respondent State Minister Mehmet Nafiz Ozak, Turkey Ski Sports Federation President Özer sober, Youth and Sports Deputy General Manager Mehmet Kocatepe, they gave here a ski lift lack of determination by the news to begin work on the point of resolving this problem. The chairlift carries a slightly improved skier transport mechanism and the ski lovers are not clinging or sliding.

Artvin will be the center of attraction
Atabarı Ski Center, on the slopes of Keçi Mountain, which is one of the extensions of the Kaçkar Mountains, consists of a thousand 800 meters, which are completed, as well as many possible alternative alternative tracks. The ski resort is located in the central Mersevan Plateau in the city of Artvin and can be reached by traveling a little way from the Kafkasör Plateau Tourism Center.

Tender providing information to the newspaper about Turkey 08 News Sports Ski Federation President Özer sober, describing the bidding process of the tender had been made and said that the Bidder winter ski lift is raised in the future.

The President of the Skiing Federation, Ayık, who made special comments to our newspaper, said:
"There 30 near the ski resort in Turkey. The last one passed the Artvin Atabarı Ski Center activity. Construction in Samsun continues.

Atabarı will offer great services to Artvin and surrounding provinces. In addition, the neighboring country will also attract Georgia. Artvin falls early in the snow, falls late. This adds particular importance to Atabarı.

Artvin Alpine Discipline
Atabarı ski slope is in Alpine category with technical description. There will also be snowboard competitions here. This is very important for skiing. Artvin will make a great contribution to the people in terms of social and sports activities. It will contribute to the economy of the province due to both sports and tourism movements. Hoteliers, restaurants, transport sector and other sectors will indirectly gain. Artvin will bring vitality to the province.

There's a great track and a lot of alternatives. It is very important for us to invest in Artvin as a Federation. There are certain standards for skiing activities. We are investing for this. Artvin Atabari will make a significant contribution to the economy of the province in terms of sports tourism of the Ski Center. Last year in a short time we established a teleski 400 meter.
The public and private sector must invest a lot in order to transform this into a central attraction. We are very important to Artvin Atabarı Ski Center. We made the tender as Federation. During this time, other investments should be carried out and the Atabarı Ski Center should be turned into a sports complex.

As a federation, we are also sending snowmobile for this year. Our Minister, Mr. Nafiz Ozak, General Manager and Deputy General Manager, Artvin is very important. We continue our work and investments in line with their orders. After 2010 has been delivered, we will be present at the Atabarı Ski Center as a Federation and plan competitions according to investment programs. N

Will Turkey's Artvin Davos!
Atabarı Ski Center is not actually an alternative ski resort, but every time it is stated that there is no alternative ski resort but because of lack of investment, this rightful reputation has not been delivered to Atabari Ski Center! The ski-runway will be north-facing, snow-resistant and long-lasting, and will be finished with a thousand 800-meter runways.

The exact location of Atabari Ski Center, which is a little higher than 16 high above the Kafkasör Plateau; The Mersivan Region, located above the Caucasus, is described as the northern slope of the skirts of the mountain of Goat.
Henceforth that this center could be called the summit after about a year of Turkey's roof can now be reached by chairlift.

When the landscape is reached, the landscape can be brought back again and again. These views wealth and richness of image, if the investments are completed and will be shared with the whole world and the whole of Turkey. Atabarı Ski Center continues to be on its way to becoming an important ski resort that will change the fate of Artvin and even the Eastern Black Sea.

In fact, Artvin Mayor Dr. Artvin Mayor who has the first nail at Atabarı Ski Center. Emin Özgün does not use these statements by chance:
Dı You know that Artvin will come to the place where it is worthy. Now sea tourism is behind nature tourism. We call Artvin, Turkey will be in Davos. "

Unfortunately there is no electricity.
Last year, the restaurant part and teleski, which was built by the Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports, started to serve ski lovers during 2009. Although there is a lot of interest in the Ski Center, the 24 watch generator is being operated at the ski lift and resting facility. Atabarı Ski Center, which is on the way to become the most important center of Artvin, is deprived of energy and the most important detail that should be paid attention to the managers of the province.



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