Winter Tourism in Muğla

Fethiye Seki Erendağ Ski Center project, which was built in 12 for the purpose of developing ski sport and spreading tourism to 1996 in the month, will be completed and opened to service in November.
Ski lifts will be completed by the end of this month and skiing in winter season. Ski slopes will be organized in the region after the construction of the chairlift system and the snow in Eren Mountain.
The Erendağı Winter Sports Tourism Center Project, which was started to be built 12 years ago, is finally being completed in Muğla, which is one of the leading centers of tourism, to benefit from winter sports and to spread regional tourism to 13. Eren Mountain is expected to be one of the skiers' favorite centers in the South Aegean with the completion of the project, which was started by the period governor Cemil Serhadlı but returned to the snake story because of the difficulties experienced in allocating allowances and places.
The Governor of Muğla, who visited the Mount Eren Mountain in Seki, Fethiye. Ahmet Altıparmak said, ın A project which is one of the biggest dreams of Muğla and which has not been completed for years is being completed in my period. This is my chance. Bu
. It is exciting to start such important projects, ından Altiparmak said. Finish is a bit of excitement. When I started working in Muğla, I made some observations on Eren Mountain. I was very sad when I saw the potential here and the project that could not be completed for years. I started working on the completion of this project. A project which is one of the biggest dreams of Muğla tourism and has not been completed for years is now completed in my period. This is my chance. The current chairlift works will be completed in a short time and the first snow falls from the moment Eren Mountain will be turned into a center of attraction for winter sports. Şu
Stating that the ski lifts will be an alternative region for winter sports, the company will take the 1,5 meter. At the top, the thickness reaches up to 5 meters. We have reached the final stage in the chairlift work being done by our company. We aim to complete the work in November. With the ski lift system to be installed, the skiers 3,5 will reach the height of 600 meters in minutes and they will slide down from here. Thousands of 200 people will be delivered to the point of slip with this system. UM
On the 74 of Fethiye-Antalya highway, Eren Dağı 1 bin 5 is located at the height of the XMUMX-2 day trip routes with its slopes and valleys within the boundaries of the town of Seki. Within the framework of the Erendagi Winter Sports Tourism Center Project, a chalet was built in the social facility area for the use of skiers coming to the region at the height of 890 meters. The first snow of the year starts at the end of October and the rainfall continues until April and allows skiers to ski until May. At 1960 meters where the social facilities are located, the snow thickness reaches to 1960 meters and 1,5 meters at the peak.
Special Provincial Administration, in the town of Fethiye Seki Erendağı'na to make a ski resort began work in 1996. Study reports were prepared by the experts of French Neige Internaional. The Ministry of Forestry gave permission to the Provincial Special Administration Directorate to establish a cafeteria and ropeway system. In 2001, ret Winter Sports Tourism Center lı was announced and 2005 thousand 34 square meters were allocated to 601 yearbook as Secretary General of Special Administration. Facilities for the ski resort 49 thousand 20 square meters were planned. The energy transmission line was drawn and an 201 kilowatt transformer was installed to supply energy. The water transmission line to be used in the ski center at Eren Mountain, which offers tour routes between the 25-74 days to the tour skiers at the 1 of the Fethiye-Antalya highway, with its slopes and valleys, and the tour skiers, was completed, the water was brought and the road was built. Social facility constructions and art structures were completed and a chalet was built for ski teams. With the decision of the Provincial Standing Council, 5 won the tender which was opened in April 30 by winning the tender. 2009 million 15 rented to TL thousand.

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