Karanlıkdere Ski Lift Project Completing

The Karanlıkdere Ski Lift Project, prepared for the Bayraktepe Ski Center in the Sarıkamış district of Kars, is reported to be at the completion stage.
Ahmet Altunbaş, the District Governor, who informed the press about the issue in the field where the works were conducted, said that the construction of the chair lift would be a major contribution to the region. Altunbas stated that the chairlift that will be built between Bayraktepe and Karanlıkdere will be 750 meters with a length of one thousand 4 and 72 will cost 8 thousands of TL. will take a very important place in the national and international ski races. The Karanlıkdere region will have an important place with its natural beauty, high quality snow structure and modern chairlift system. There are people who have contributed greatly to the realization of the project. I would also like to thank them. We would like to thank the Justice and Development Party (AK PARTİ) MPs Zeki Karabayır and Mahmut Esat Güven, our former Kars Governor Mehmet Ufuk Erden and our Kars Governor Ahmet Kara. Because it's a team job. I hope the happy end will result, the region will bring investors to Sarikamis. We will enable people to ski more beautiful and large areas and to engage in winter sports. It is our wish to increase the capacity of accommodation, to increase the capacity of accommodation to healthier and better levels. Let's evaluate these beauties Bu.

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