Ropes of the Cable Car Refurbish

The renovation of the steel rope of Teleferik, one of the symbols identified with Bursa, has begun. Mayor Recep Altepe, the operation of the previously suspended Teleferik'nin 2 thousand 500 meters long after the renewal of the rope in the next month to start the journey gave the good news.

Electromechanical systems are also under control within the scope of the renovation of the steel ropes of the Teleferik, which is preferred by domestic and foreign tourists for transportation to Uludağ and transports citizens to the white paradise accompanied by city views.

Cable car symbol of Bursa
Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, Bursa is the symbol of the cable car, he said. Stating that the cable car is one of the most prestigious projects in Bursa, Altepe said, “When we came to office about 1 months ago, we learned that the cable car operation was stopped and will no longer operate. However, we thought that this was not appropriate and decided that the construction of the ropeway should continue again. ” When it was learned that the maintenance works of the cable car would take 4 months, Altepe said that they intervened immediately and said, dik We showed that the studies that will take four months will be accelerated and completed in 1 months. We ordered the rope that had no backup and started to replace it with our own means. The ropes were replaced by teams from Austria; now our own team is doing it.. The second rope will be replaced in the coming days, voicing President Altepe, cable car, as well as repair of the service buildings will be offered to citizens within the next month, he said.

Source: bursa



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