36 Kars

Kars Muddy T-Bar Teleski Launched

Kars Çamurlu T-Bar Teleski Entered Service: Çamurlu T-Bar Teleski Facility, which is in service among crystal snow and pine forests, was opened in Sarıkamış in the winter season of 2009 and is an alternative ski center for skiers [more…]

What is a railbus or a railway bus
09 Aydin

Raybus Started Expedition

Minister of State Mehmet Aydın said that one of his greatest achievements as the government is the developments in transportation. It is the first railway line of Turkey, built on the Aydın-İzmir line. [more…]

unkapani galata and halic metro tracks will be on the sea traffic tonight
34 Istanbul

Taksim Unkapani Metro Construction

The construction of the Taksim-Unkapanı and Unkapanı-Yenikapı sections of the Istanbul Metro Project, which will provide a major solution to the increasing traffic problem of Istanbul, has been undertaken by Anadolu Metro Partnership formed by Yüksel İnşaat (Yüksel Güriş) [more…]