Europe's Largest Cable Car Line

A 2366-meter-long cable car line is being installed at the snow-covered summit at an altitude of 4351 meters from the Kemer coast of Antalya.
Europe's largest cable car line to Kemer
Even two wagons with a capacity of 80 to run will transport a thousand people to the ski center every day.
Kemer district of Antalya is getting ready to be one of the most important points of ski tourism. Europe's largest cable car line is being built on Tahtalı Mountain, one of the highest mountains closest to the sea in the world.
The cable car line which will provide the 9 to reach the snow-covered summit with three different ski slopes and the two of the 80 passenger cars will carry 2 a day with two wagons. At the summit where the 3 separate chairlift line will be established, there will be a daily resting facility, a restaurant, a cafeteria, a cocktail lounge and ski equipment units.
Tahtalı Cable Car, which is the second in the world and the same system used in the largest Ant Mountains in Europe, the second in the world and the largest in Europe, will reach the summit with four main poles. The distance between the two poles is 2 meters. The height of the 1510 meter long cable car line will be 4351 meters.
The service poles of the project, which started in January, were erected and intermediate lines were drawn. The placement of one of the main pillars to the summit was completed. Although it is June, still 1,5 snow at the summit, the weather conditions allow the second phase will start in the coming days.
The Tahtalı Mountain Cable Car Line Project is carried out by Fajos A.Ş in Antalya and Swiss Garavcnta AG, which is considered among the most important companies in the world in this regard. German Jan Jirotka, who is the chairman of the board of the Fajos A.Ş., states that the project has been carried out since 1997 and they have been dealing with bureaucratic procedures for 7 years. Saying that it is now over and all legal processes are completed, Jirotka emphasizes that they plan to complete the cable car line within 1,5 years.
Both summer and winter tourism
Ömer Faruk Eryilmaz, who is the Turkish partner of the project with a share of 20 percent, explained that both the summer and winter tourism will take place at the same time after the cable car line goes into service. Stating that it is understood that the mountain has the best ski snow in the world as a result of the examinations made, Eryılmaz also said that they received all the necessary legal permits and that their aim was to open Tahtalı to tourism by protecting the nature.
Environmentalists react
Environmentalists show the biggest reaction to the project. It is claimed that with the establishment of the cable car line and two thousand people going to Tahtalı every day, natural life will be damaged. Toroslar Nature Sports Club managers oppose the use of Tahtalı, which is one of the four highest mountains of the world rising from the coast, for tourism purposes.

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