MMO BURSA BRANCH: We Can't Get Information from Bursaray Project

On the agenda of the TMMOB Bursa Provincial Coordination Board, it was decided to examine the Bursaray Project and our EMO and MMO chambers carried out the necessary research. As a result, it was determined that sufficient information and documents were not obtained from Bursa Metropolitan Municipality.

As TMMOB Bursa Provincial Coordination Secretariat, information and documents were requested with the information application form dated 09.10.2008 and numbered 08-66 and in accordance with the right to obtain information numbered 4982, but no response has been received until today. As a result of the researches of MMO and EMO chambers, on 24.12.1996, “1. Stage Manufacturing, Construction, Installation, Operation and Maintenance Facilities, Supply of Towed Vehicles ”(21,301 m., 22 stops and 32 wagons in total, 16 in A part and 48 in B part) 457.501.979 DM + 35.000.000 Tendered to Siemens-Simko-Tüvosaş-Ansaldo-Güriş consortium for USD (Loan amount: 546.000.000 DM = 325 million YTL).

While wagon costs are higher in trams; Considering that roughly 1/3 of the costs in HRS consisted of the vehicle cost, 1/3 of the construction and 1/3 of the other equipment, the management of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality at that time, Mr. Erdem SAKER, considered the suggestions of professional organizations with expertise in this field. took it and did what was required. Today's Metropolitan Municipality officials have neither asked nor provided any information to local professional organizations in Bursa or to Uludağ University. There was no information sharing with the professional associations about the bursaray, as in all matters. However, today the administration of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. The tender price of the 6,5-kilometer-long Bursaray C stage is 98 million Euros. It is announced as 175 million YTL. In this case, the mileage cost of the line is 27 million YTL / km. With the data of Mr. Erdem SAKER, the cost of the A stage was 11 million YTI_ / km, and later it increased to 14 million YTL / km, as a result, the completion cost of the B stage ended as 21,5 million YTUkm. On the Uludağ University line, which constitutes the 6,5 kilometer Bursaray C stage, Although the section that will pass underground, which increases the unit cost, is very short as 800 meters, the tender price will increase to 27 million YTL / km, which should be explained. Bursa HRS with Siemens B80 type vehicles; 2,95 million DM / piece equivalent to 1,84 million YTL / piece for 21,8 km. It has a total of 48 wagons for the line. Today 6,5 km. It is stated that 30 air-conditioned Bombardier K500 vehicles for the additional line are purchased for 6,4 million YTU. First of all, the scientific criteria for determining the number of wagons should be disclosed to the public. In addition, the wagons that can be made in TÜVASAŞ for much cheaper, at least interior dressing operations, are imported completely abroad, so that the wagons cost much more, should also be examined. On the other hand, when the imported wagon prices are analyzed on the basis of countries and projects, the following table appears.

COMPARATIVE Wagon Prices (World Examples)

Bombardier - Bursa K500 wagon price (2008)
30 94 million euros (3.13 million Euro / pcs)
Bombardier - Cologne K5000 price (2001)
55 moq 170 million DEM (1.56 million Euro / piece)
Bombardier - Manchester K5000 price (2007)
2 million pounds / pcs (2,5 million Euro / pcs)
Bombardier - İstanbul Flexity Price (2002)
55 quantity 86 million Euro (1.56 million Euro / piece)
Alstom - Istanbul Price (2007) Metro wagons
68 quantity 78.132 million Euro (1.149 million Euro / piece)
Alstom - Istanbul Price (2007) Tram cars
30 quantity 61.335 million Euro (2.04 million Euro / piece)

As a result, we ask the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality authorities in front of Bursa;

In the tender for the wagon which was made in favor of the bombardier firm, which was used for the Bursaray system;

How many firms are involved in the tender;
The offer prices and terms of the firms;
The technical characteristics of the wagons to be taken and the examples of the contract with the bombardier firm.

20 In September 2008, we ask once again the questions asked by the MMO press release in Bursa HRM. In the last 10 year, there is a maximum 30 increase in machinery-equipment prices in the European market, and even if the market price increases are taken into consideration, what are the reasons why the current price of 1997 is around 3?

Can this difference be explained only by the fact that the wagons are air conditioned?

Which savings measures were taken in this investment made from abroad?

1) Why abroad, national income of countries that are many times more than Turkey. uses cheaper wagons? Why are the wagons of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality cheaper than Bursa?

2 6.5 kilometers in the line of Uludag University, the cost of the underground unit that raises the unit cost, such as a very short distance to the 800 meter, although before the completion of the long and underground passage of the stage, what is the reason why the price so high?



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