TÜLOMSAŞ Annual Report 2007

TÜLOMSAŞ, one of the leading industrial companies of our country, was founded by the Germans as a Maintenance and Repair Workshop during the construction of the Anatolian Baghdad Railway line in 1894, and joined the General Directorate of TCDD in 1924. saving rapid progress with structural and legal changes that had since 1924 years 1962 year bogie freight cars, in 1968 year in diesel shunting locomotives and 1971 has entered the diesel electric main line between large industrial companies starting Turkey's continuous construction of locomotives. Finally TCDD while operating as an institution affiliated to the General Directorate, the Cabinet's 28.03.1986 date and 86 / 10527 TCDD by decree 'are subsidiary was converted TURKISH LOCOMOTIVE AND ENGINE INDUSTRY Inc. (TÜLOMSAŞ) as a new status. With this new status, the company is intended to work more efficiently and profitably in line with modern management principles. Today, 500.000 m2 is an integrated facility with seven factories consisting of Motor, Electric Machines, Locomotives, Carriages, Road Equipment, Casting and Chemical Operations, Gear Tooling and Mold, Maintenance and Auxiliary Production Plants operating on closed area. The target in front of TÜLOMSAŞ is to meet the domestic needs in the production and management technologies it uses and to be able to export by entering foreign markets.


1-Board of Directors and Executives
2-Company History and Development 1
3- Company Mission and Vision 2
4-Legal Status 3
5- Board of Directors Resumes 4-12
6- Capital Status 13
7-2007 Year 14
8-Production Activities 15-42
9- Cost of Sales Table 43
10- Financial Status and Financing Activities 44-62
11-Organization Chart 63
12-Staff Information 64-72
13-Operating Activities 73
14-Investment Activities 74
15- Marketing and Sales Activities 75
16- Purchasing Activities 76-77
17- Health and Social Affairs Activities 78
18- Occupational Health and Safety Activities 79

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