Annual Report of TULOMSAS 2007

TÜLOMSAŞ, one of the leading industrial companies of our country, was founded by the Germans as a Maintenance and Repair Workshop during the construction of the Anatolian Baghdad Railway line in 1894, and joined the General Directorate of TCDD in 1924. saving rapid progress with structural and legal changes that had since 1924 years 1962 year bogie freight cars, in 1968 year in diesel shunting locomotives and 1971 has entered the diesel electric main line between large industrial companies starting Turkey's continuous construction of locomotives. Finally TCDD while operating as an institution affiliated to the General Directorate, the Cabinet's 28.03.1986 date and 86 / 10527 TCDD by decree 'are subsidiary was converted TURKISH LOCOMOTIVE AND ENGINE INDUSTRY Inc. (TÜLOMSAŞ) as a new status. With this new status, the company is intended to work more efficiently and profitably in line with modern management principles. Today, 500.000 m2 is an integrated facility with seven factories consisting of Motor, Electric Machines, Locomotives, Carriages, Road Equipment, Casting and Chemical Operations, Gear Tooling and Mold, Maintenance and Auxiliary Production Plants operating on closed area. The target in front of TÜLOMSAŞ is to meet the domestic needs in the production and management technologies it uses and to be able to export by entering foreign markets.


1-Board of Directors and Executives
2-Company History and Development 1
3- Company Mission and Vision 2
4-Legal Status 3
5- Board of Directors Resumes 4-12
6- Capital Status 13
7-2007 Year 14
8-Production Activities 15-42
9- Cost of Sales Table 43
10- Financial Status and Financing Activities 44-62
11-Organization Chart 63
12-Staff Information 64-72
13-Operating Activities 73
14-Investment Activities 74
15- Marketing and Sales Activities 75
16- Purchasing Activities 76-77
17- Health and Social Affairs Activities 78
18- Occupational Health and Safety Activities 79

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Railway News Summary

İZBAN Torbalıya ready for direct flights İZBAN is ready for direct flights to Torbalı: With the opening of Torbalı, reaching the length of the 110 kilometer line, İZBAN has reached the top of its ...
Sakarya's transportation master plan works in full swing The work carried out by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality in the area of ​​transportation, completed and planned is carried out by the Department of Transportation.
TCDD workers go on strike TCDD workers go on strike: Turkey State Railways (TCDD) and Harbor Workers Union 26. In accordance with the collective bargaining agreement ...
The eyes of everyone in the territory of TCDD The eyes of everyone in the land of TCDD: The state was again damaged. TCDD land was privatized before it was then nationalized again. We have two sides of Istanbul ...
Ministers prefer YHT Bakan High-Speed ​​Trains (YHT), which serves successfully between Ankara-Eskişehir and Ankara-Konya, will be able to ...
Ankara YHT Terminal opens today Ankara YHT Station opens today: Turkey and Ankara's prestige work Ankara YHT Station, inaugurated by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to today ...
Samsun Mersine will be connected by rails Samsun Mersine will be connected by rails: General Manager of TCDD Ömer Yıldız said: UM In 2018, all our railway lines will become electrified:
TCDD, was the Turkey's first domestic alarm systems State Railways, BİLGEM TÜBİTAK and Istanbul Technical University (ITU) by signing a policy with the cooperation of Turkey's first indigenous signaling sy ...
Denizli OIZ to TCDD Industrial establishments located in the Organized Industrial Zone and its immediate vicinity have access to transportation finance in both domestic and import-export and transit ...
The first domestic car exhibited great interest (Photo Gallery) The contractor presented the first domestic automaker sees great interest: The board in Eskisehir, Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry AŞ (TÜLOMSAŞ) exhibited ...
High Voltage Warning from TCDD General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) - Kayseri - Boğazköprü - Ulukışla - Yenice with Mersin - Yenice - Adana - Toprakkale Hat Kesi ...
Kahramanmaras Turkoglu Logistics Project Contract and contract with the company that won the contract ... TCDD Kahramanmaraş Türkoğlu Logistics Project Contract has been signed with the company that won the tender for the supervision and consultancy of TR State Railways (TCDD)
Coşkunyürek Visited Railways Coşkunyürek Visited the Railways: Deputy Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Yüksel Coşkunyürek came to Ankara YHT Gar. TCDD Transport ...
Published Decree No. 692! Name List of TCDD Personnel Exported Within the scope of the State of Emergency, a new Decree Law on 692 was published. 692 with the new Decree no.
Konya YHT Station Excites Project Konya YHT Station Project Excites: The tender phase of the new gar project, which has been in operation for a long time, has been completed. Located in the Old Wheat Market ...
Adapazan - The public participation meeting of the project, which started the EIA process of the North ... TCDD Adapazan - Istanbul Northern Crossing Railway EIA process started on the public participation meeting 10 on May 2016 TCDD ...
Aliaga - Bergama New Railroad Project is planned to be used in 2015 investment program. TCDD Aliağa - Bergama New Railroad Project is expected to receive approval from Ministry of Development for investment in 2015 investment program.
TCDD Vangölü Ferry Management Directorate for the Seafarers to be taken as a result of oral exam The Republic of Turkey State Railways TCDD ferry captain to Vangölü Directorate (steamship) and Chief Engineer / was başmakinis (steamship) tradename will be hired ...
Adana High Speed ​​Train Project Adana High Speed ​​Train Project During the Procurement and Construction Phase: The Adana High Speed ​​Train Project is being constructed in some places, while in some sections it is in the project stage.
Koçbay, Balıkesir Investigation of the Project of Childbirth Junction Project Koçbay, Balıkesir Investigation of the Project of the Childbirth Junction: TCDD 3. Regional Director Selim Koçbay and the accompanying delegation continued their construction activities.

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