The migration of Marmaray to 27 thousand people in Üsküdar

The immigration of 27 thousand people in Üsküdar, Marmaray: The scope of the Marmaray project will be different for Üsküdar Square. According to the new zoning plan, the building of 26 in the square will be expropriated;

Istanbul's '150 annual dream' is defined as the work for Marmaray continues at full speed. The routes of the project, which will connect the two sides of Istanbul to the tube pass through the Bosphorus, are slowly changing. In this sense, Üsküdar became one of the districts that faced a new development plan and expropriation areas. With the demand of the Boards of Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation, the design works of Üsküdar, which includes the Yenikapı, Sirkeci and Yedikule districts where the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has prepared new zoning plans under the name of ı Urban Transformation Project Yen together with the Marmaray Project were completed. As a result of these studies, it was decided to close the Üsküdar square to the traffic, to expose the homes and businesses in the designated area, and to establish a bazaar with a total area of ​​6 thousand square meters and a total of 20 thousand square meters under the square. Number of buildings to be expropriated within the scope of the project; 128 Total 1 story, 187 Total 2 story, 225 Total 3 story, 313 Total 4 story, 112 Total 5 story, 47 Total 6 story, 12 Total 7 story and 2 Total also announced that a total of a thousand 8 pieces, including story 26. If 26 thousand buildings starting from each 1 2 floor apartment would be this figure corresponds to at least 6 778 thousand apartments. When the circle is thought that the average family of four people lived in the house in Uskudar it emerges will change the 27 112 thousand people over the next two years.

10 will be affected by the neighborhood

Rumi Mehmet Pasa, Haci Hesna Babes, Revolution, Selman Aga, Ayazma, Hayrettin Sergeant, Ahmed Chalabi, Kef, Dede, Gülfem Hatun and lazy Haci Mehmet is among the regions total 10 neighborhood to be expropriated. However, according to information obtained from Üsküdar Municipality, the names of these neighborhoods cover only the areas to be affected by expropriation. So, not all of the aforementioned neighborhoods will be evacuated. The total size of the area to be expropriated is calculated as 39 thousand 478 square meters.


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