5200 type MAN Mototren

Engine Power: 2 x 420 BG
Year of construction: 1948
Series Organization: Two Wagon
Production: 2
5200 MAN A group of poses in front of the motorcycle, most likely in the luggage platform (Ankara Station, date unknown, Ergin Tönük Collection). I would like to thank the Railway Lover, İhsan Alap, who stated that the group in the photograph is the hostesses working on the motorbike, they meet the passengers at the gate of the train, they meet the needs of the passengers when the button is pressed during the journey and they send off passengers at the arrival station.

5200 MAN Mototren (Railroad Journal Number 56-60, 23 May 1956).

A photo of the 5200 MAN Mototren hand-colored, then printed in black-and-white (Rail 56-60, 23 May 1956).



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