Partition Kabataş Funicular system between

📩 25/11/2018 18:45

Partition Kabataş  : The funicular is a rail transport vehicle. It works on sloping terrain like a mountain or hill by pulling up with ropes. The simultaneous use of two separate vehicles works on the principle that they affect each of the wagons as counterweight.

The tow rope is drawn by a pulley running on electric motors and redactors. Stretching rope system is located in the lower station. Thus, the vehicles are moving within the boundaries along the line. In the funicular system, there are two parallel rails in the middle of the line. After the vehicles cross side by side in the middle of the line and have reached a certain distance, these two lines are connected to one station and reach the stations.

Taksim, the first application in our country, opened on 29 June 2006.Kabataş Funicular between.

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