Mount Nemrut

Mount Nemrut or Nemrut Stratovolkan is one of the high mountains in Eastern Anatolia, in the Tatvan district of Bitlis Province. He falls to the west of Lake Van. Nemrut is a dormant active volcano and the last time in 1441 has been the lava output. There is Nemrut Lake in the crater on the hill. Around the crater, the highest peak is Sivritepe 2935 m, East Nemrut Hill 2625 m, Tursuktepe 2828 m in the south and Nemrut Dağı Hill in the west.

Mounted to Mount Nemrut: Skiing to Nemrut Mountain, which is suitable for all skiing activities, offers the visitors the pleasure of skiing with STM System Cable Car and 2 Seat Chair. The system has an intermediate station and carries to those who want to reach the more challenging tracks.

Kaynak: stmteleferik

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