The Good News of Konya Metro

Konya Metro to be Completed in Year
Konya Metro to be Completed in Year

If the approval of the SPO is included in the project included in the Konya Transportation Master Plan, the basis of the Konya Metro will be laid within 2007.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Transport Commission President Fatih Yilmaz said in a statement, the population density in Konya is constantly increasing, the tram is no longer sufficient to meet the need for transportation, he said.

Yilmaz said that the city had begun planning the subway to reach the metro, ın Currently, the Master Plan of the revision work is done. After this study is done, it will be submitted to DPT for approval. SPO does not give approval before it is included in the Transport Master Plan. Ulaşım

Yilmaz announced that if the approval of the SPO to the project, the foundation of Konya Metro could be taken within 2007, which is declared as the Year of Mevlana in the world, he said: temel Konya Metro is thought to be made in stages. The first stage is expected to be between the city center where the population density and transportation needs are the most and between the Alaaddin Keykubat campus of Selçuk University. Then the Metro, according to the need to extend to different points of the city. In addition, the existing tram line, the university campus and TOKI housing to be passed through the work takes place. Bosnia and Herzegovina and 2. A rail system line is planned between the Organized Industrial Zone. Organ

Yilmaz, Konya, the modern means of transportation will reach the metro, said: esi The distance between the city center and Bosnia-Herzegovina neighborhood is still a pleasant event by the tram at the 1 hour. This time has to go to 15 minutes and hopefully it will take place in a short time, Bu he said.

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