I. Phase Construction Work: Rough Construction Work and Seyrantepe Connection Tunnels Between 4.Levent-Maslak
Contractor: Garanti Koza İnş Tic.A.Ş. ve Alsim Alarko Tic. Inc.
Length of Length: 4725 m
Warehouse Connection Tunnels: 3 units (1.320 + 425 + 835 = 2.580 m)
Total single line tunnel length: 14.344 m
Storage Area: 65613 m²
Number of Stations: 6
Stations: Industry, ITU-Ayazaga, Ataturk Oto Sanayi Sitesi
Estimated Cost: 71.058.542,36-TL + VAT (2002 BF)
Tender price: 70.703.249,65-TL + VAT (2002 BF)
2. Estimated Cost: 138.347.722,64-TL + VAT (2002 BF)
Tender Date: 05.08.2003
Contract Date: 01.10.2004
Starting Date: 18.10.2004
2012 As of January
Amount of Work: 296.528.582-TL + VAT (with 2011 numbers)
Duration of Work by Contract: 30 Month
Provisional Acceptance Date: 17.10.2008
Project Physical Realization (%):% 100
Tunnel Excavation Realization (%):% 100
Highest Digging Feed Speed: 1018 m / Month (July 2006)
1011 m / Month (June 2006)

Within the scope of this tender, the construction of the tunnels up to the north of Maslak Atatürk Oto Sanayi Station and the rough construction of Sanayi, İTÜ-Ayazağa and Atatürk Auto Industry Stations were completed. The warehouse is located on an area of ​​approximately 75.000 m² in the valley to the south of Seyrantepe Police Housing. The connection between the storage area and the main line is provided by connection tunnels. Industrial Station; In the first stage, one of the connection tunnels will be connected to the Station at Seyrantepe Depot Site in the form of a shuttle line. Then, if necessary, the system transformation will be realized in a way that will ensure continuous operation between Taksim-Seyrantepe / Stadium Stations. All of the main tunnels and other tunnels were opened and all of the opened tunnels were concrete.

The works of which the construction of the rough, industrial, ITU-Ayazaga and Atatürk Auto Industry Stations were delivered to the contractor works of fine works and electromechanical facilities, and the works were started and completed and opened to operation in 30 January 2009.

Source: IMM



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