Zeytinburnu Vineyard

Project Name: Istanbul Tramway Project, Construction, Installation and Commissioning of Zeytinburnu-Bağcılar Construction and Electro Mechanical Systems. Zeytinburnu Bağcılar Tramway: The Zeytinburnu-Bağcılar Tramway Project with a total length of 5.124 meters has been implemented in order to extend the existing Kabataş-Zeytinburnu Tramway Line to Güngören-Bağcılar direction and includes the design, supply and construction of construction and electro-mechanical works.
Contractor: Yapı Merkezi İnşaat ve Sanayi A.Ş.
Workplace Delivery Date: 12 May 2003
Tender arrangement:% 40,387 for TL and% 64,063 2002 unit prices for Euro
1.Feature: 16.963.000.-TL + VAT and 4.693.000 Euro + VAT
2.Feature: 30.286.339,4 Euro + VAT and 4.337.577,45
3.Feature: 33.007.981,62 Euro + VAT and 4.337.577,45
Cost: 65.411.115 TL + VAT (with 2006 numbers)
First Trial Driving Date: 18.05.2006
System Opening Date: 14.09.2006

The Zeytinburnu-Bağcılar Line begins as an integral part of the Zeytinburnu Station, which is the last station of the Kabataş - Zeytinburnu Tram System currently in operation. The existing Zeytinburnu Station was moved to the side of the LRTS Station, and the stations were contacted. In the direction of Hat Bagcilar, Çırpıcı Creek and D100 State Highway pass through the viaduct and sits on the middle median of Mehmet Akif Street. The tram line runs on the first 600-meter section of the Mehmet Akif street through a strip of street traffic lanes and through a protected stream and then through the existing stream. Then the line passing to the Black Sea street continues from the center of Abdi Ipekci Street. Line at the end of this street, Bagcilar 3. Street passes and ends by reaching Istanbul Street.

In addition, the total price of this project is 9.500.000 TL;

  1. Abdi Ipekci Street and 3. Street landscaping and infrastructure works (2.500 m)
    Cost: 2.700.000 TL
  2. 4 units for Zeytinburnu Light Rail Station for disabled passengers and 1 pieces including 4 pieces (5 face glass-panaromic) to Zeytinburnu pedestrian overpass
    Cost: 380.000 TL
  3. Ø 2,000 main waste water collector under Mehmet Akif Street (690 m)
    Cost: 3.750.000 TL
  4. Ø 600 rainwater collector under the Mehmet Akif Street (600 m)
    Cost: 200.000 TL
  5. Beyazit relay station antenna and equipment
    Cost: 347.000 TL
  6. Irrigation and landscaping on the creek and Zeytinburnu Viaduct (4,500 m²)
    Cost: 112.000 TL
  7. Platform upgrades for vehicles with high base (13 pcs platform)
    Cost: 1.450.000 TL
  8. Scissor control system (7 pieces)
    Cost: 440.000 TL is completed.

Operating Parameters
1. System Capacity: 15.000 passenger / hour / direction
2. Maximum Speed: 50 km / h
3. Travel time: 13 min. (Zeytinburnu-Bağcılar)
4. Stop at Stations: Maximum 30 seconds
5. Vehicle Frequency: 2,5 min. (Zeytinburnu to Güngören) 5,0 min. (Between Güngören and Bağcılar)

Route Parameters
1. Track Length: 5.124 m
2. Maximum Slope:% 7
3. Station Length: 57,5 m
4. Number of Stations: 9 pieces (Zeytinburnu-Mehmet Akif, Keresteciler, Gungoren, Akincilar, Soganli, Yavuzselim, Güneştepe, Bağcılar)

  1. Platform Height: 31 cm (for low base vehicle) 88 cm (for high base vehicle)
  2. Level: 3.748 m
  3. Viaduct: 640 m
  4. Stream Transition: 646 m

Source: IMM


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