DE 11 000 Krauss-Maffei, ABB, MTU TULOMSAS Diesel Electric Locomotive

New wheel diameter: 1000 mm
Bogie wheel: 2500 mm
Bogie joints: 6000 mm
Length from bumper to bumper: 13 250 mm
Maximum speed (Maneuvering / Outline): 40 / 80 km / h
Maximum drawbar force at start: 225 kN
Weight: 68 t
Gear ratio: 6.214: 1
Diesel engine: MTU-8 V 396 TC 13
DE 11 001-10 GEC DC Tractor
DE 11 011-15 BBC DC Engine
DE 11 016-50 GEC three-phase asynchronous traction motor
DE 11 051-85 ABB Three Phase Asynchronous Drive
Alternator: WGxy 450 crw6
1000 V 180 kW provides DC water heaters from a separate winding inside the main alternator.
First production date: 1986
Total production: 85
The locomotive is the only one with a double cabinet. Allows the changing of the bench without any interruption on the move.
The control lever has three stable positions: forward-draw, mid-zero, reverse brake. In the advanced case, it increases the gas in the forward thrust, reduces the gas in spring retraction, keeps the gas constant in its medium state. In the reverse position, it increases the brake by throwing air in the spring return, keeps the brake in the center, and releases the brake in the forward spring thrust. In the reverse condition, too much retraction activates the serial brake.

DE 11 000 locomotive maximum spindle power changes according to speed

BOX picture of DE 11 000 locomotive.

DE 11 015 and an A4 14 000 electric suburb series in their original colors are side by side (BBC greeting card, Ergin Tönük collection).

The bogie of DE 11 053 (Marşandiz Station 11. October. 2002).

DE 11 053 at the Marşandiz warehouse (11. Ekim. 2002).

Front bumper crossmember of DE 11 053. You can see the electric power socket at the bottom right and the cable on the left. The capped plug in the middle of the fence is wagon lighting (Marşandiz Station, 11. October. 2002).

A DE 11 000 Ankara Station goes to the generation line along the east line with two cars. A locomotive at the TCDD Ankara Steam Locomotive Museum, partly seen in front (window of my office at my wife's Gazi University, 29. Dec. 2002).

The same DE 11 000 enters the Ankara line in line with its line (Window of my wife's office in Gazi University, 29. December. 2002).

A DE 11 000 maneuvering east of the Marşandiz Station (4. November. 2003).

The same goes under the 11 000 bridge (4. Nov. 2003).

A DE 11 000 at the Marşandiz Gar site (6. Nov. 2004).

The cooling fan and bonnet roof of the DE 11 000 locomotive are located on the short hood side (Ankara Railway Factory, 22. Ocak. 2004).



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