DE 21501 Re-Visit

My wife noticed the bell that I never heard of before and I didn't hear it when I used it, but it was typical of American locomotives. It's under the front bogie, on the left, and it still has a beautiful timbre.

The engine oil filter of the engine, visible from the open flap behind the diesel engine.

Unlike the DE 24 000s, there are compressors in the grills instead of radiators.

The lamps can be seen in the light of the lantern and the light from the surroundings.

I don't remember that there are covers on the axle boxes, I always remember these triangles that rotate with the axle, but the screw holes in the DE 21 500 are as if they were once the cover.

More remote view of the bogie. The brake cylinder and suspension springs are also visible.

DE 21 501 is taken to the Ankara Railway Factory and expects to be torn apart (4. November. 2003).

The revision of the Ankara Railway Factory's porch is over, waiting for the wheel DE 21 505. A photograph of DE 21 505 taken in Çatalağzı in 2000. (4. November. 2003).

View of Ankara Railway Factory from the cabin of DE 21 505 (31. October. 2003).

The machinist compartment of DE 21 505 (Ankara Railway Factory, 31. October. 2003).

Brake tap of DE 21 505 (Ankara Railway Factory, 31. October. 2003).

De 21 505's door and pneumatic wiper motor (Ankara Railway Factory, 31. October. 2003).

DE 21 505 wheel assemblies are installed in the closed area of ​​the Ankara Railway Factory for final checks. The tip of the visible green-yellow locomotive is DE 11 000 (22. Jan. 2004).

“At about 17:2004 pm yesterday evening (March 19th, 30), DE 21 505 westward towards Ankara.
he snorted, pulling a military string. By stealing that bell! ”
Murat Tekin

DEFINED DE 21 534 Ankara Railroad Factory is in open field (4. Kasım. 2003).

Letter in the cabin showing the maximum speed of DE 21 534 (Ankara Railway Factory, 4. November. 2003).

DE 21 505 should be in the Ankara Railway Factory Warehouse (Photo of Altan Ataman, 20. Feb. 2004).

DE 21 501 and DE 21 534 are resting their tired bodies at the Ankara Railway Factory (Photograph by Altan Ataman, 2004).

DE 21 520 is planned to be exhibited in Çatalağzı, in Ankara Loko Maintenance Workshop. The other locomotive that appears in front of the locomotive is DH 7000 (27. February. 2006).

Rear view of the DE 21 520's marquise (Ankara Loko Maintenance Workshop, 27. February. 2006).



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