Taksim Kabataş Funicular System


Contractor: Yapı Merkezi İnş. Singing. A.Ş.-Garaventa AG Joint Venture
Track Length: 647 m.
Number of Stations: 2
Stations: Taksim-Kabatas
Estimated Cost: 18.575.025.997.065 TL + 12.376.588,20 $ + VAT (2001 BF)
Tender price: 12.895.263.538.107 TL + 9.800.159,24 $ + VAT (2001 BF)
Tender Date: 22.01.2002
Contract Date: 12.07.2002
Starting Date: 23.08.2002
Total Cost of Realized Work: 78.998.600 TL + VAT (with 2010 numbers)
Duration of Work by Contract: 18 Month
Last Time Extension
Date of work: 27.03.2006
Realization% (Physical):% 100
First Trial Driving Date: 05.01.2006
System Opening Date: 29.06.2006

The purpose of the project; In order to provide solutions to the transportation problems of Istanbul, to provide the integration between public transportation systems, to bring the rail system by sea, to increase the share of sea transportation in daily journeys, to integrate the tramway with the subway and to use the systems more efficiently. It is necessary to establish a rail public transportation system between the station and Kabatas Pier.

Taksim-Kabataş Funicular System Construction, Istanbul Metro Taksim-4. It is the construction of a public transportation system that will connect the Taksim line with Taksim Station and Kabataş, which is an important maritime transfer center, and the tramway transportation.

With this project, Taksim-4.Levent (Ayazağa-Yenikapı) Metro, Taksim-Tunnel Nostalgic Tram, Taksim Bus and Dolmuş Stops and Zeytinburnu-Fındıklı (Kabataş-Bağcılar) Tramway, Kabataş İDO Steamboat, Ferry and Sea By providing integration between the bus piers, Istanbul residents will be provided access to the Taksim Railroad and Kabataş / Beşiktaş, where the sea transportation vehicles are heavily used.

Taksim-Kabataş Funicular System, 4 from Taksim. It has combined the subway which runs to Levent with Kabataş arayZeytinburnu Street Tram and Aksaray-Airport light metro lines. In this way, starting from 4.Levent, the establishment of an uninterrupted rail network was provided to Atatürk Airport and Otogar. The new system reduces the traffic load of Gümüşsuyu and makes Kabataş an important transfer center where the ferry and sea bus pier, bus line and tram line intersect.

131 21 is one of the few examples in the world. This project is one of the few examples in the world. It has the feature of being equipped with architectural designs that are worthy of the century concept.

Baş First trial expedition Başkan 5 January 2006 Taksim-Kabataş Funicular System successfully carried out by the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mr. Kadir Topbas, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Governor of Istanbul Mr.Muammer Guler and Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mr. Kadir Topbas' 29 June 2006 was opened to the public with a ceremony in front of Kabatas İDO Pier on Thursday. Thus, passengers using the Istanbul Metro can transfer to the funicular system without going out of Taksim Metro Station and they can use the sea or tramway links when they arrive at Kabataş. In addition, passengers who arrive to Kabatas by sea or tram can reach Taksim and Taksim by metro from Ayazaga on the one hand and from the bus station and airport on the other.

The most important factor in determining the characteristics of the rail system to be installed in the area between Taksim and Kabataş was the maximum slope values ​​due to the fact that the line will be located on a very sloping land. In this framework, in order to determine the most suitable system for the line, the effect of the slope on the system was examined. The recommended optimum slope of the line is about 22. In the comparison between various types of rail systems, it has been determined that the most economical system in terms of investment / maintenance cost is the Funicular System which is the safest to operate on such a high slope.

Funicular System consists of 2 stations including Taksim and Kabataş stations. Taksim station, Istanbul Metro station and Kabataş station are also connected to the Kabataş station of Zeytinburnu-Kabataş tram.

The system consists of two terminals, Taksim and Kabataş stations, and two double-carriages moving with ropes and 3 m. The journey in the tunnel takes 640 seconds. An average of 110 people are transported daily by the system.

Source: IMM

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