Project Information: Taksim Yenikapı Subway Line

Construction of Taksim Yenikapı Metro Line was started on 22.10.1998. The total length is 5,2 km and 4 station is available. Şişhane station 30 January 2009 was opened for these stations. The LRTS connection line construction between Aksaray and Yenikapı is also constructed within this scope. The cost is around $ 593 million. This cost includes construction, electromechanical works and 92 new wagon purchase.

Upon completion of the construction of this line, Taksim-4.Levent Metro will be connected to Yenikapı in the south and a positive contribution will be made in reducing the wheeled vehicle circulation in the historical peninsula. Yenikapı; It will become the region where subway line, İDO sea buses, İ.ETT and Public buses, Light Metro and Bosphorus Tube Passage will be integrated.

Between 1-2: Line 1.650 m. completed. 30 was commissioned on January 2009.
Between 2-3: total 936 m. the tender for the bridge and approach viaducts was made and the business was started. 48 pieces pile and 16. concrete pouring of the pile has been completed.
Between 3-4: 4.850 m. There are double line tunnels. Opened Total Tunnel: 4.850 m.
Between 5-6: Line Length 625 m. d. 417 m. drilling tunnel and 208 m. There is an open-close tunnel structure. Opened Total Tunnel: 524 m. Remaining Open-Close Zone: 71 m.


Contractor: Yüksel-Güriş-Reha-Başyazıcoğlu JV
Track Length: 1700 m.
Number of Stations: 1
Stations: Sishane
Estimated Cost: 9.664.090.416.948 TL + 36.615.602,25 $ + VAT (1998 BF)
Tender price: 8.700.000.000.000 TL + 29.000.000 $ + VAT (1998 BF)
Tender Date: 31.03.1998
2. Value: 11.895.160,96 TL + VAT
Tender Price: 10.708.499,70 TL + VAT
Contract Date: 09.09.1998
Starting Date: 22.10.1998
2012 As of January
Work Amount: 140.906.502 TL + VAT (with 2011 numbers)
10.367.436 TL (with 1998 numbers)
Duration of Work by Contract: 24 Month (Şişhane-Taksim)
Last Time Extension
Date of Completion: 03.11.2009
Between Taksim and Şişhane
Tunnels and Station
Realization% (Physical):% 99

5 type tunnel section is used in this construction. Diameter of the main line tunnels 6.50 m. The cross-sectional area is 36 m² and the large tunnel diameter is 13.7 m. and the cross-sectional area is 101 m². The tunnels were excavated and supported by NATM (New Austrian Tunneling Method). % 99 of the tunnel production is completed. The open-close tunnels, the adjoining fill and cuts are 80 m.

Şişhane Station:
The entrance and exit structures and the ticket halls are opened and closed.
The station depth in this region is about 30 m. There are 2 units in the station.

  1. The entrance structure has two floors. 1. floor 3427 m², 2. The floor is 3868 m² with a total of 7295 m².
  2. The input structure is 4. 1. floor 1748 m², 2. floor 2278 m², 3. floor 2070 m², 4. the floor is 1195 m² with a total of 7291 m². The total of input structures is 14.586 m².

The floor is 4786 m². The total construction area of ​​Şişhane Station is 19.372 m².

The works were completed by the electromechanical works contractor at the Şişhane Station and test runs were started on 29 October 2008. 30 on January 2009. The metro line of Taksim-Şişhane was opened for commercial operation with the participation of our Prime Minister.

After Şişhane, work on downloading to Azapkapı region continues. In order to pass the Genoese Suru in the Yanıkkapı region, which crosses the line with the approach viaduct to Azapkapı by crossing the tunnel from the tunnel, in accordance with the decision of the Regional Council for the Protection of Cultural and Natural Property, the works have been started.


Contractor: Yüksel-Güriş-Reha-Başyazıcıoğlu Joint Venture
Track Length: 2611 m. Metro + 601 m. Light Metro = 3212 m.
Number of Stations: 2
Stations: Şehzadebaşı, Yenikapı
Estimated Cost: 19.006.763.107.041 TL + VAT (1998 BF)
2. Estimated Cost: 33.383.437,81 TL + VAT (1998 BF)
Tender price: 26.039.081,49 TL + VAT (1998 BF)
Tender Date: 13.10.1998
Contract Date: 11.11.1998
Starting Date: 15.12.1998
2012 As of January
Work Amount: 168.256.514 TL + VAT (with 2011 numbers)
22.988.917 + VAT (with 1998 numbers)
Last Time Extension
Date of Completion: 24.05.2012
Realization% (Physical):% 66

To date, the cost of archaeological excavations and other works:

Yenikapi Station: 39.485.000 TL
Aksaray Station: 14.996.000 TL
Şehzadebaşı Station 3.082.000 TL
Total: 57.563.000 found TL.

Yenikapi Station:

It is the largest and integrated station of the Metro system in our project. In the structure of the concavity structure to be constructed as open-close, the platform floor is available and it is planned to be the common station of light rail and metron. There is also a passenger connection to the tube gate station. Parking is available on site for 482 cars. The total construction area (station and car park) is approximately 59.000 m². The structure of the station is 3, 20 m deep from the ground and the parking structure is designed underground at 12 m depth. In order to start this station, 6 23.250-6 m. A total of 10 m³ archaeological excavations have been conducted to this day.

Archaeological Studies

Our contacts and collaborations with the Preservation Board and Museums Directorate continue. 22 10-11 in the archaeological excavations carried out so far. wooden boat wrecks dating back to the 19th century and earlier. The transfer of 21 to the desalination pool by the experts of the Department of Conservation and Restoration of Movable Cultural Property of Istanbul University was completed. With the Istanbul University Department of Conservation and Restoration of Movable Cultural Heritage, the work of the last ship is continued.

At the Yenikapi station area, the chapel basin was documented in accordance with the decision of the Conservation Board and documented in the supervision of the Directorate of Museums.

Bored Pile Manufacturing

At Yenikapı Station; 297 120 296 80 environmental protection pile manufacturing has been completed. In line with the revised project, additional 23 bored pile, 150 bored pile, 1 bored pile, 120 bored pile and 3 100 pile pile were produced. Total 10 pile application has been completed. The drilling and injection of the 65 piece anchor has been completed. As the archaeological excavation deepens, anchoring will be continued.

Front length 260 m. In the 90 m section of this station, archaeological excavation was completed and construction permission was obtained. 91 pile production has been made in this section.

Yenikapı-Arkeo Parking Area:

The protocol of the international competition for the Transfer Yenikapı Transfer Point and the Archaeological Park Area Project Ajans was signed between Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Agency. Our Mayor Mr. Kadir TOPBAŞ and Istanbul 04.03.2010 Executive Director of the European Capital of Culture Agency. Shape has signed AVDAGİÇ protocol. In this context, the method of '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '; 2010 has been announced as of the date.

Yenikapı Transfer Point and Arkeo Parking Area Protocol Signing Ceremony (04.03.2010)

Aksaray LRTS Station-Yenikapı Station Connection:

The connection of the Light Rail System to the Yenikapi Station in the last station of Aksaray is also included in our project. LRTS Aksaray Station and Yenikapı Metro Station 625 m. 417 m is drilling tunnel and 208 m is open-close. 417 m. The length and types of tunnels within the scope of tunnel length are as follows.

L Type Tunnel = 79 m. M Type Tunnel = 33 m.
Intersecting B1 Type Tunnel = 31 m. B1 Type Tunnel = 273 m.

To date 524 m. the tunnel was opened and its concrete was completed.

The nearest section to Light Metro Aksaray Station is 208 m. The section of 136 of the open-close structure to be constructed was completed before. Existing Aksaray LRTS station A door of the building of the 30 part of the collapse of the remaining open-close work 1 April 2010 on the door was closed to service. Aksaray LRTS station A gate building was completed and excavation of 30 m open-cover structure, raft and curtain and floor concretes, isolation and backfilling works and road laying were completed. The construction of the existing station structure continues.

Sehzadebasi Station:

2 units are designed in this station. 1. The structure of the concerto Vezneciler Girls in front of the Dormitory, more 2. Konkors structure was planned in Büyük Reşit Paşa Street. 1. In order to uncover the Byzantine mosaic in Konkors, where the archaeological excavations were completed, our project for the removal of the Ottoman foundation remains and the continuation of the excavation was approved by the Directorate of Museums and submitted to the Protection Committee and approval was obtained. Due to the fact that Büyük Reşit Paşa Street and Darül Elhan Street were within the construction area, the UKOME decision was made for the temporary closure of the traffic and these areas were closed to traffic. In the closed section on Büyük Reşit Paşa Street, infrastructure works have been completed. In this station, stair tunnels and the intermediate floor P, A and T tunnel excavation and covering concrete were completed. The production of ventilation chimneys at Konkors 1 and 2 will be started. In the Suleymaniye (C-1) tunnel, the middle gallery and right gallery excavations were completed, and the concrete gallery wall of the right and left galleries, invert and belt were completed. Piling is continuing at Konkors 1. In the Şehzadebaşı station; 1 80 cm 96 100 cm diameter 21 grain bored pile made of 117. In total, the production of piles of XNUMX units has been completed and the archaeological excavation works are continuing.

The decision was taken by the authorities of the Istanbul Regeneration Areas Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation Board for the mosaic of the Byzantine Period (Opus Sectile) during the archaeological excavations at the Şehzadebaşı Station area. In this decision, it was decided to remove the Opus Sectile Mosaic under the supervision of the Directorate of Istanbul Archaeological Museums and to protect it at the place proposed by the same directorate, and to recommend that the mosaic be exhibited at a suitable location of the metro station building. In line with the requirements of the Board resolution, Opus Sectile Mosaic was removed from the Department of Conservation and Restoration of Portable Cultural Properties of the Faculty of Letters of Istanbul University for conservation and restoration work.

Total Production in Taksim-Yenikapı Metro Construction:

Total Production in Taksim-Yenikapı Metro Construction:
Excavation Realization Rate Between Unkapanı and Taksim:% 99
Concrete Realization Rate Between Unkapanı and Taksim:% 99
Excavation Realization Rate of Yenikapı-Unkapanı:% 100 (Yenikapı Station and Konkors excavations of Şehzadebaşı Stations could not be started.)
Concrete Realization Rate Between Yenikapı-Unkapanı:% 99
Tunnel Excavation Realization Rate Between Aksaray and Yenikapı:% 100
Tunnel Concrete Realization Rate Between Aksaray and Yenikapı:% 100
(At the entrance of Yenikapı station, the section that will open as a tunnel of 71 m, has been transformed into an open / close structure. It will be built after the completion of the archaeological excavation.)


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