Ankara Light Rail Transport System is in service

Ankara Light Rail Transport System 30 was put into service on August 1996.

The Ankara Light Rail Transport System (ANKARAY) is designed to respond to the increasing transport demand of Ankara residents on the East-West axis of the city (between Söğütözü and Dikimevi). It also meets the burden of increasing passenger demand on this route with the opening of ASTI.

Working on an 8.7 km route between Söğütözü-Dikimevi, ANKARAY consists of 11 station and 100.000 m2 warehouse workshop area.

With the 25000 passenger carrying capacity in one direction and hour, ANKARAY is at the service of people from 06: 00 to 24: 00 in the morning.

ANKARAY operation; It is implemented according to a protocol between BUGSAŞ and EGO General Directorate. Ankaray Organization; 1 is Chief Executive Officer, 4 Manager and 22 Service Chief Engineer or Chief of Staff.


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