About Ankaray

state railways
state railways

About Ankaray Ankara, Turkey's capital, is one of the largest cities in Europe. Its population exceeds 4 million and is still rising. Accordingly, there is an increasing demand for fast, comfortable and safe transportation in the city.

The first phase connects AŞTİ in Söğütözü, west of Ankara, to Kizilay, to the eastern Dikimevi. The carrying capacity is the 3 16 passenger with a range of 000 minutes in one direction and hour. Increasing the load capacity with 25 000 passengers in one direction and time will be possible with 2 minute range.

ANKARAY vehicles are designed to travel at maximum 80 km / h and average 35 km / h at operating speeds. The traction system of the vehicles is designed to supply the power network generated during the electrical brake.

ANKARAY System, 1992 and 1995 by the Consortium of ANKARAY, was made by turnkey system. Compared with similar systems in the world, this is a short construction process.

Ankaray Stations

Ankaray Metro Line, Ankaray Stations - A1 metro line serves between Dikimevi- AŞTI bus station and stops are:

  1. Dressmaker
  2. Kurtulus
  3. Rail
  4. Red Crescent
  5. Demirtepe
  6. Maltepe
  7. Tandogan
  8. Besevler
  9. Bahçelievler
  10. Emek
  11. Ashti
ankara metro lines stops
ankara metro lines stops

Ankaray Opening Hours

06: 00 - 24: 00 between the hours served in the Ankara metro of Ankaray is connected with the Kızılay station.

Ankaray Cost and Capacity

In 1992 began its construction and 550 million German marksAnkaray, which started to operate in the summer of 1996. The 8,5-km rail system with 11 station carries 35-45 million people annually.

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